With Mike working at SeaWorld, our passes allow us to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa, as well. We had been planning a trip to visit New Orleans, however, the weather was suppose to be terrible during our visit, so we ended up rescheduling for later in the Summer. With the time off, we instead made the journey over to Busch Gardens, before the Summer heat kicked fully into swing. Busch Gardens just a few days prior had opened their new ride, Tigris , which is totally not for the faint of heart. Most of Busch Gardens coasters in fact are pretty intense, with a lot of "world's tallest" or "world's first" yada yada attached to them (like Griffon pictured below). I personally feel like I have done enough roller coasters in my time to be a little selective about which to go on now, so I don't wear myself out for the rest of the day, so needless to say, we did not do the massive ones. We started our day at Cobra's Curse and Cheetah Hunt coast