Mike and I had booked a midnight flight out of Santorini, arriving in Athens around 1:30am to save some money on a hotel room for the night, not to mention the cheaper flight option. We had a layover at Athens airport from 1:30am til our flight to Rome at 9:50am, where we figured we could just find some place to have a rest in the airport. We were so very, very wrong about this. Most of the airport was shut down, as expected but the metal benches and blasting air condition made it a little challenging to get comfortable. After putting on every warm layer of clothing we had, we were able to fall asleep a little bit, until every 20 minutes an extremely loud announcement over the PA system was made, waking us up again. Around 4am, incredibly loud music started blasting through the speakers, making it actually impossible to sleep. At about 8am we realized this music was an intentional way of keeping people awake since it slowly started getting softer hour by hour. Luckily it was al