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a dream is a wish your heart makes

Yesterday I went from oranges to the apple for a total of about 11 hours. Taking off before the sun was up I fell asleep and don't recall much of the plane ride there. I woke up to discover we were preparing for landing and would be arriving soon. I had decided previously to coming I didn't want to spring for a taxi, so I was going to take this bus called the NYC Airporter. Well needless to say it took me two and a half hours to find this bus, transfer once on it, and finally get to Penn Station. I am making it sound really easy on here, but believe me, the bus was the most frustrating part of this trip. So I arrived in Manhattan around 11am and headed over to Pearl Studios around 11:30am for my 2pm audition.

I ride the elevator to the twelfth floor and it is just exploding with girls. There was a mid-twenties characters audition around 10am that morning which I am assuming most girls were there for. Later I found out the girls at the morning audition decided to stay for the later audition as well, so no one was ever leaving, the numbers were just multiplying. I went and found the monitor and she said registration would begin at 1pm so take a seat in the holding room. That had to have been a joke because the holding room was so full everyone was spread out amongst the hallway getting scolded at for blocking doors (since there are other auditions happening at the same time there). So I find a cozy little corner and read my book while I waited. About 12:35pm I decided to make my way to the holding room and hide just inside the doorway barely squeezing into the room. Everyone starts to line up with their headshots and resumes and I sprint across the room to join. The numbers for the morning audition were not even close to being done yet, so they just continued them instead of starting over. The morning numbers ended at #140 and I ended up being #215. Almost right after I was registered, they cut the line at #250 and told the rest of the girls they would be put on a stand by list to be seen since they had another audition at 4pm for Jasmine. Over 600 girls had come out for this audition....... holy moly. I was blown away at how long this line was, walking to the elevator for lunch. Now I just had to pray that I would be seen.

Getting in the elevator with a full crowd, I wasn't paying much attention until I literally hear the wind be sucked out of it. I am terrible at celebrity names, so I have no idea what this womans name was, but we all recognized her as she squished her way into the elevator. No one said a word, but just stared in awe and took creeping pictures. When we departed ways someone said her name was Jen Krakowski or something along those lines, however, I really have no idea. (she is blonde, with a tiny nose, a 2 year old, and I think in a lot of Lifetime--ish movies??, any idea??)...Well now I figured it out...It is Jane Karkowski ( http://goo.gl/ss3WN) (Thanks B!). So anyway, I continue to my lunch destination, 2 Bros Pizza (thanks Lane for showing me how awesome this place is!) and run into a woman (also) named Jen who has been a casting director at a lot of my Disney auditions, she recognizes me and waves. My mind starts reeling because that must mean she is in one of the two casting rooms.. and she knows who I am!

I was right. Ray, the other casting director who I have also performed for, is in one casting room, and Jen in the other. Finally around 4:45pm my number is called to go in and sing for Jen. I walk in and she immediately is super friendly and says "Hey Cassidy how's it going". This took a lot of the pressure off. I chose to sing "I See the Light" from Tangled (Nicole, Staci (and tell Sarah), we still need to watch this!). I start singing and forget the words at one part, which never happens so I just started mumbling something random but still on pitch and keep going. When I am done Jen says I am improving a lot and she is proud of my progress. I start to leave defeated but stopped part way and decided I had nothing to lose. I simply asked if she had any advice for me and Disney since she had seen me audition many times now. She told me to just keep improving and keep coming to audition calls. It all depends on the timing and their needs which are currently very limited. She did say it was in the cards for me though and to keep coming. I suddenly didn't feel like this audition was a complete waste anymore since I felt I had some answers.

Based on the 4 people they gave call backs to (out of over 250), I also felt very young. The women were all over 24. Who knows? Auditions are so hard to pinpoint exactly what it is they're looking for and if you guess and guess and guess it'll drive you mad.

So I found my way back to my favorite bus, the good ol' NYC Airporter and rode back to the airport. Back on the plane, I fell asleep before we even took off, however, luckily woke up to an announcement. I just happened to glance out the window for a spectacular view of the city. I could see everything from Times Square, to the new years ball, to the Statue of Liberty. It was breathtaking. I said a see ya real soon to New York and passed right back out till I was back home in Orlando. 

I don't consider any audition a waste, it is all a learning experience. This one absolutely was something I will remember.

Now what is next you might ask..Well, I can officially announce, I am thrilled to accept the role of Glinda in Magic Curtain's production of Wizard of Oz in June. I also have another audition coming up tomorrow....sigh. Here we go again..fortunately this one is in Orlando.

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Anonymous said...

Cool Casser- way to take the "nothing to loose attitude" :D That's great!

Did you mean Jane Krakowski? This woman- http://goo.gl/ss3WN


Cassidy Tompkins said...

yes!! yes that's her!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! She was on 30 Rock and she's been on Broadway a few times! That is so cool that you are starting to get to know the casting directors! It's only a matter of time sis!


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