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it's a long road, but it's worth it

This week I don't have any auditions coming up till Wednesday, when I am headed out to NYC, so whilst we are waiting (and praying I get the job) I want to update you on some of the auditions I have been to thus far...

In December I was lucky enough to be cast at Universal Studios as one of the high kick dancers(essentially a Rockette) in the parade.
(i am third in from the right side    ^)

 I could not have asked for a better gig. It was so much fun and I met so many amazing new people (shout outs to: roxanne, katie, erin, spencer, jessica, joey, crystal, kara, tony, josh, and many many others). 
If you're super curious you can watch the whole parade here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qy6GkDj1FY

Working at Universal gave me a bigger perspective of what it is like to work at a theme park, and no it's not all smiles all the time. It is a lot of hard work. Kicking your face at 1am when you are exhausted and sore is really challenging but it taught me a lot about perseverance and endurance.  

Since working Macy's I have auditioned for other Universal productions a few times. In February I auditioned for the Beetlejuice Rock n' Roll Review and received a call back for Hip, the ditzy cheerleader. We danced till almost 3 in the morning and I was exhausted. I also was almost a foot taller than everyone in the room with me. I think this was what led to my ultimately getting cut.

I also auditioned for Universal Superstar Parade and let me tell you...this was an experience. I arrived early and was shuffled into an early group, so I barely had time to prepare for the type out. (A type out if you are unsure is when the casting directors look at just your face, body type, and resume to decide if they even want you to continue on in the audition to get the opportunity to dance)We had to state our name and where we were from. I tried to explain I was from Michigan by using my hand to make the mitten and show where Temperance was, then switching hands to show Florida...however, in my rushing, I accidentally switched my hands and did them backwards. The auditors thought it was hilarious and asked me to do it again to make sure I knew where I actually was from....so embarrassing. Making it past the type out, I then moved on to dance. We were a little pressed for time, so we moved along very quickly. It was an extremely small dance space with a lot of people in the room. Doing the sort of tricks we were asked to do in the little room was challenging. Instead of actually performing them, most of us were marking (only doing it half out), however, not everyone. During a double fan kick, the girl next to me took me out. We both came crashing down, and my ankle began immediately throbbing. Luckily we were just in the rehearsal space and not actually performing it for the panel yet.As for my ankle, I just had to suck it up till the audition was over. We performed for the auditors twice, and it went decently well. I am still waiting to hear back from this but man was I glad when it was over.

My most recent audition was at Disney this past Sunday. I had no idea what it was for other than the fact that it was called Aladdin, a new musical fantasy. I assumed it was for the Disney park (which I have auditioned unsuccessfully for over 14 times now.....) but decided to ask around once I got there. The words, "Oh, it's for Broadway" still ring in my ears today. What! Are you kidding me! I am auditioning for Broadway today and I didn't even know it?! I hadn't even really prepared for this audition since I had had a Solar Bears game the night before. They asked us for a 16 bar cut of something we sang well, so naturally I picked my go to "Gimme, Gimme" (Thoroughly Modern Millie). I had been in the holding room long enough to see who was getting call backs, and not one of them was white, let alone blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skinned. Nevertheless, I went in and nailed my song. Tara Rubin from Tara Rubin Casting scribbled who knows what on her notes and thanked me for coming (which in audition world means, go home we are done with you). Who would have known my first Broadway audition I would be ethnically challenged for!

This week I am headed to New York for my second time auditioning for the Disney Cruise Line. Say a little prayer because this is one job I have always wanted.

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Anonymous said...

Im glad you started this! I like being able to keep up with all of the auditions you have going on!


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