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never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

This past few weeks have been extremely stressful. I feel like I have not stopped since I got home from New York. Between teaching dance classes, rehearsals for two different shows, auditions, Solar Bear games, and other things, I have not had much time to myself. It is definitely starting to wear on me...

I had two auditions this past week. The first was Tuesday morning for the Winter Park Playhouse 2013-2014 season. They are doing shows such as I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, a musical based on the Andrews sisters called Sisters of Swing, and some others. When I called on the Friday before auditions to reserve my audition time, the spots were all filled. The man I spoke to told me I might be able to show up and possibly be squeezed in to be seen, so I did just that. Auditions began at 11am, and I was there by 11:30am waiting in the lobby. There were not many people there, so I was luckily fit into the schedule. The requirements were a song and a monologue. I was planning to sing my usual, Gimme, Gimme, and started to give the pianist my music. He mentioned something about hearing that song  a lot and asked if I was sure I wanted to sing it. I am very confident with this song, so I chose to sing it regardless of his hesitation. After I sang, one of the panel members said that was the best version of that she had heard....now I was really glad I had decided to stick to that song. I then proceeded to do my monologue. If I am being completely honest....I hate doing monologues. Luckily, I don't have to do them very often. After my audition, they asked where I was from to which I explained. They then said thank you and announced that call backs would be a phone call some time before May 1. 

The other audition I had this week was last night. I had a Solar Bears game (my second to last one ): and a shout out to my friend Bob for coming to the game!)Immediately after the game, I trekked out to Universal for an actor audition. They were casting for Betty Boop, Men in Black, Taylor in Poseidon's Fury  attraction, and the superheros. Now, I realize I am not really right for any of these roles, however, I decided 'why not'. I wrote on my audition sheet that I was interested in Princess Fiona from Shrek, even though they were not currently casting for her.

 Now, remember that one time where I said I don't have to do monologues very often?? Well yayy me, cause I got to do my monologue for the second time this week.... My audition time was 10:50pm. When I got there, I was #175 and almost walked right in. I had been talking to my friend Joey who currently works in entertainment at Universal before I got to the audition and he was telling me to do a comedic monologue, especially if I was going for Fiona. Sweet. I had a dramatic monologue and not any time to change it. I quickly rehearsed my dramatic, serious monologue, which was something about falling in love with a bully (which totally kinda works for Shrek don't you think??) into a saying it more sarcastically and funny. In the audition they asked us not to slate, so I walked into the room and immediately began my monologue, praying for a laugh or two.

I did get a few chuckles out of the panel so safe to say my plan worked. As I was performing, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed two panel members talking and pointing at my audition sheet about midway down...where I wrote the part about Fiona. They thanked me and I left the room and waited. The monitor came out and asked for four numbers to stay to read a call back for Taylor. She then told us that for the rest of the roles, they would be calling for fitting times if they wanted to see us back again. 

So after two monologue readings and a crazy busy week, I walk away not really knowing anything about either audition. They both went great on my end, but who knows what is really going on behind the table. 

Next week I have one audition, then that Friday is opening night for Jesus Christ Superstar(which if you would like to come see, check out this link ... https://www.facebook.com/events/161989243954182/?fref=ts

Jesus Christ Superstar runs March 29-April 15, Thursday-Mondays 8pm evening, 3pm afternoon shows. 

Wizard of Oz if you are looking to put it on your calendars already runs June 14-16.


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