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what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

So as exhausted as I was, today I had yet another early morning audition here in Orlando. This was for Stiletto Entertainment, which are performers for cruise ships like Holland-America. 

When I arrived, I was handed the sheet music for "A Moment Like This" and sat in a rehearsal studio with 35 other people belting it out for an hour over and over and over again (this song is STILL stuck in my head by the way...). One by One we went into the audition room and sang that song with a karaoke track as well as a song of choice a ccapella (I chose my go to Gimme Gimme from Millie since they wanted a Broadway belt). I was #15 and had watched as numbers 1,2, and 3 had all walked out with call back music, however, no one since had received any. When I finished, the panel asked me if I was able to come back for the mover call directly after. I agreed and left the room.

Well after sitting in the lobby for another 2 hours, the singer auditions had finally ended (and this seriously did feel like forever since I was starving and reading a book half in Spanish due to lack of time when picking one out..). I was the only one invited back for the mover call..."this is about to be really awkward" I kept thinking. All 14 or so singers with call back music cycled through their turns in the audition room and 10 were asked to stay for the mover call with me...thank goodness. Still, I was extremely perplexed as to why everyone else sang for a second time, and I was only asked to go straight to movement. 

The movement was super easy. Only 4 counts of 8 and most of it not challenging at all. We were filmed in groups of 2-3 then asked to wait. They called 4 numbers to stay to have their picture taken and be spoken to about availability, however, I was unfortunately not one. I was soo bummed. I felt so close this time.

Now don't get me wrong, I am still super pumped I had the opportunity to have a call back in the first place, but right now I am just trying to keep my chin up till the next chance comes along. 


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