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keep your head up little princess, for if you don't, the crown will fall

Well, after a nice.. day.. at Hilton Head, SC, I am jumping right back into things here in Orlando. 

I had been in communication with a director at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center about playing the role of Cassie in their production of A Chorus Line, however, due to scheduling issues, it does not appear to be in the cards for me at this time. This is a great role however, and one day I hope to be able to play it.

Friday morning (before the sun was even close to peaking its little head out) I drove out to a dance studio near Universal Studios for a Disney Live! on tour audition. This tour has nothing whatsoever to do with the parks, and is a very unique experience. Their casts are composed of dancers, jugglers, unicycle riders, tumblers, trampoline artists, you name it! They like you to have a lot of special tricks up your sleeve (which if any of you know me, I do not). They have a few different stories to tell in each of their 4 or so tours. The newest edition is one about Disney Jr. revolving mostly around the tv shows "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and "Sophia the First". I literally got to be 5 years old, folks...it was awesome. The first song we did was the Jake theme song. The whole dance was very jumpy and silly. Out of the 80 people or so there, they made cuts after this number down to around 25 (including myself). The next dance was the Sophia princess-y number. The first 4 counts, I was in heaven. I was soo excited to be doing a very princess-y, pretty dance. At about count 5, I knew I was a goner. The choreography then became extremely technical and ballet like. I have not taken a ballet class since I was 7 and have always gotten by in these kind of auditions by just mimicking what I could. I picked up on the choreography easily, I just wasn't sure if my turn out was right, or what the proper way to do certain moves were. 

So since I have been home, I have had some sort of awful stomach bug. I was very sick on Thursday night and really worried I wouldn't even be able to go to this audition in the first place. Now that I was there, I could not mess it up. I was not feeling so hot and it was pretty apparent. The casting director even ended up pulling me aside to ask if I was ok, and informed me my posture was not so great (to which I am thinking, don't throw up on her...don't throw up on her). I ended up pulling it together for the rest of the combination and finally made it into the room to be taped. It went as well as it was going to be. In the end, she asked one girl in my group her availability and dismissed the rest of us. I am really thinking it is time to take another ballet class......

This afternoon I was suppose to drive out to Daytona State College for their summer auditions for The Fantasticks and The Jungle Book but I now officially bedridden and too sick to make the drive :/ boooooo. 

This upcoming week I have an audition almost everyday... I really could use some prayers that this virus goes away so I will be strong enough to go to all of them.

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