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the brave little toaster that could....can!

Another busy week here in audition land, during which my computer was at the apple store being fixed so I haven't been able to update on my latest audition adventures.

This past Saturday, I drove out towards Universal to what I considered to be a pretty sketchy dance studio, for the Maltz Jupiter Theater audition. The parking lot consisted of approximately 3 1/2 parking spaces, which were all full. Once I finally got inside, there was an itty bitty building, bursting with tons of people, speaking every language but English. I finally figured out where I was supposed to go and signed my name on the non-equity list. Of course I'm sandwiched between two 9 year old girls who were belting their face off for the Annie audition. The girls auditioning wouldn't be complete without the presence of their crazy stage-mom mothers. Ninety percent of my morning was spent listening to the moms nit-pick every single detail of their child's ninety second audition. I hope for both mothers and daughters sake that these girls get cast in something for fear that heads just may explode.

In regards to my audition, I sang Gimme Gimme from Millie as usual. The director then informed me of their previous production last summer and said I sang the song "as well if not better than [their] own Millie had" (WHAT A PEACH!!) My ballad choice was Something to Believe In from Newsies. This was kind of a trial run for this song since I hadn't performed it yet, however, it went exceptionally well. The director then asked me about my previous dance experience. In fact, he asked me to kick off my heels and do a double pirouette. After my demonstration he said they would like to bring me in for Chorus Line callbacks, which are TBD.

My second audition of the week was on Monday, a whopping two and a half hour trip up I95 to Jacksonville (of course stopping in the oldest town in the country...anybody know where I'm talking about? No I didn't think so...St. Augustine and Castillo de San Marcos), for the Alhambra Dinner Theatre's production of Joseph. Entering the building, shortly after a Sonic run (french toast sticks for the win! ...btw did you know the French weren't the only ones to enjoy this scrumptious snack), the first thing I notice is the sparkly walls...I took this as a sign. Up first was the dance combination. The super fast four counts of eight were taught at a brisk pace, setting back potential auditionees quickly. Whilest learning the combination, I stuck to the front of the group and picked up on every move. However, when performance time came around, I was shuffled into an awkward position. Barely being able to see the auditor's table, I performed the dance to the best of my abilities anyway, doing the best I could. For my vocal audition, they told us to choose a contemporary pop song. I of course chose my go-to Gimmie Gimmie. On the last note, I began to feel the slightest of tickles originating in the back of my throat. Sticking strong to the end of the song, I finished the note but proceeded to fight to stifle the cough. As the director began to ask me questions about housing, I couldn't stifle it any longer and just began to cough. Quickly wrapping up the audition, I thanked them and exited the auditorium hacking my head off for the next 4 minutes and 27 seconds. Hopefully they don't think I'm a hack (...get it??).

Majority of my week has been spent learning my callback packet for We Will Rock You national tour on Tuesday. I got the email last week that I had the callback for the role of Oz (no, not the Wizard), and have been working on the songs ever since. I have also been perfecting my biker chick look.

'Til next time audition-landers...

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Bethany said...

"I performed the dance to the best of my abilities anyway, knocking their socks off"

lol wow Casser- don't be so hard on yourself...

Sounds like a great week full of possibility!

Anonymous said...

The creativity with which you wrote is great! I very much enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work!

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