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there's power in looking silly and not caring that you do

Disney World; where all your dreams come true, right??
Not for me...yet that is. The past 2 days I have been making the 45 min trek out to Disney animal kingdom rehearsal facility for some auditions within the Disney World parks. 

Thursdays audition was for what is referred to as a look a like audition. I have done over 7 of these kind of auditions now, and only continue because I keep getting pulled for them to continue through the process. This weeks audition was no different. Luckily I had some friends at this audition to keep me company (shout outs to Joey, Brittany, Victoria, Erin, DeShaun, Jimmy, and others!) Over 300 people attended this audition and after the first across the floor combination, this number was cut immensely to a little under 70. 
 Getting past this round, we then split to two rooms. The movers and non movers rooms. I was placed in with the movers where we did animation exercises and another, more intense dance. I have been through the animation so many times now, it took everything within me to not roll my eyes when they gave us our scenarios; planting a tree and washing a dog. From here, we were broken up into groups of 4 based on our numbers. Before we began, my number (lucky number 100!) was called along with 3 other girls and a boy. I knew what was happening immediately. I was being looked at for a face character! I was so excited, I had to calm down before I got in the room and forgot everything I was suppose to do. 
I enter the room and after we were placed where to stand, we began doing the animation, dance, other animation, and repeat the dance. All could not have gone better. Next was the awkward part. Standing and smiling as the casting director gets all up in your personal business examining every inch of your face and body type. From here, the casting director immediately pushed aside the girl next to me's paperwork and never looked at her again. He continued to stare at me.
"Stand up straight, hold your eyes open, don't wrinkle your forehead, that's not a princess smile!" All these crazy thoughts were racing through my mind as the 2 or so min go by while the casting director is staring straight into my soul. Finally he asks the other two girls to stay and hesitates to say a third name but finally decides against it. He does do a whole bunch of writing and bubbling in on my audition form however, which I am trying not to lose hope over. I leave the room and got a chance to ask the other two girls where they were headed to and they replied with the fitting room. I WAS SOOOOOOO STINKIN CLOSEEEEEEE!!!! WAHHHHH ): 

(I am unsure but thinking maybe since he was doing so much writing, the possibility of being hired as a dancer is still there.) My file now goes into a pool for the next 6 months, so keep as many fingers crossed as you can over the next 6 months!

My Friday morning audition was for Disney Junior show and Play and Dine pals. I knew I was not really right for either role at all, however, decided to go anyway. Only about 130 showed to this audition and I was #36. I sang "This is Me" from Camp Rock by Demi Lovato. There were 2 rooms. In one room was Jen (red head from NYC cruise line auditions that recognized me) and the other was Darla (a casting director who usually really likes me), so either way I couldn't really lose. I ended up in Darla's room. As she jammed out while I sang, she responded with "that was great!...you're just so tall". Can't say I didn't see this coming. I am not too bummed. 

I have many an audition this upcoming week for various theatre companies which unfortunately are going to involve a lot of traveling. On the plus side, I have been all over Florida now and really can appreciate what a beautiful state I now live in.

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