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with brave wings, she flies

This past Saturday I had an audition at Hardrive Production studios for season 3 of American Dance Legend. I honestly have never heard of the show till today and still can not really tell you much information regarding it. All I really know is it is some sort of reality show on PBS about choreographers (the dancers are just necessary).

I walked in to register this morning and literally thought I walked on to the set of Dance Moms. The audition was for 7-25 year olds, however, almost every contestant in this room was under the age of 12. There were 2 of us over the age of 20, 5 around the age of 16, and the rest of the 37 dancers were very young. They also would not be complete without the glitter, the tu-tus, the neon dance costume, and their compliant stage mom.
We were filmed for the next hour  stretching (the toddlers sitting in their splits for days and throwing tumbling passes while doing as many pirouettes as humanly possible) and waiting our turn to have our photos taken. When called in to the studio, the choreographer told us she was going to go slowly since the dance was more contemporary/ballet style and the kids were all so young. She then proceeded in shouting out about 10 ballet terms as super quickly and told us to begin. My jaw dropped. "This was slow??" was all I could think. Of course as we perform it, the babies execute each move perfectly. I struggled, but kept up as best as I could. When we performed it in my group of 3, I was placed back center. I delivered the dance as well as I could have and stood to await the panels comments. With the camera an inch from my face, the first thing out of the casting producers mouth is "you really should model, you're so beautiful". I was completely taken by surprise and almost laughed out loud. They then asked me to take my hair down (it was poofed in the front) and use my long hair and long limbs to my advantage. The next time we did the dance, we switched lines and I was front and center all alone. Between not being able to see because my hair was now in my face, and having no one to watch I quickly became lost in the combination.
 When they called us back in the room to announce call backs, they called certain numbers to come forward. I could see my resume on the bottom of the pile they were holding. I initially thought this was the list of dancers they wanted to come for call backs tomorrow, but the more names they called, the more I realized it probably would not be. As they called my number last, they then thanked us for our time and released us, and I was perfectly ok with this (my body has really taken a toll from dancing so often. My back is never going to be the same again, it constantly bothers me, and this particular morning the pain was horrendous). 

This Tuesday was my call back for We Will Rock You. I have been working the past two weeks extremely hard on the material and an outfit and the audition literally lasted 2 min. I was only asked to sing "No One But You" and all the casting directors said was thank you, however,  while I sang they were smiling and nodding along while writing things down. When I asked the monitor what the next steps were he explained that they were making calls that evening for call backs round 2 for Wednesday. Now, here I sit, at 10:45pm waiting and praying for another call back. I am feeling slightly discouraged and really trying to keep my chin up, but this is getting really hard. I understand it is part of the business but I am just not sure what I could be doing differently. I know, I know my time will come sometime...I am just getting impatient.

Tomorrow is another day and another call back so I will continue to keep on truckin....

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