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another day has passed and i still haven't used algebra once!

Wednesday I had my call back for Winter Park Playhouse and their production of 8 Track; Sound of the 70s. There are 4 roles in this show, 2 males and 2 females. They had all the females sing "Till You Come Back to Me" by good ol' Aretha Franklin. When I got there, the 4 other people in the waiting room were all well over the age of 30 who were most likely alive during the 70s... 
I sang my song as Aretha like as I could and then was asked to stay for the movement call. The man choreographing for the group of us did not have the movement choreographed ahead of time and was trying to figure it out while we all awkwardly stood around waiting. He fumbled through it then had us copy with him. The dance and music did not go together pretty much at all, and I had to block it out almost all together. We only had to perform it once and then we were done. Easy enough. They said they are calling either way in the next two weeks. I am not hopeful considering the age difference between me and the rest of the auditionees. I also have two more call backs for the same theatre company in the upcoming year that are a little more appropriate for me.

This Saturday morning I had an audition for the Orlando Shakespeare Theater's season (including shows such as Taming of the Shrew, It's a Wonderful Life, Julius Caesar and a few others I had never really heard of). The audition was suppose to be from 10am-6pm with a lunch break at 12:30pm. I arrived at the theatre around 11:30am to which they told me they were not signing in anyone else before lunch. So I left and came back around 2pm. I seriously sat and waiting for 3 hours before being seen because the monitor kept putting the people she knew ahead of everyone else.... 

As if that was not annoying enough, once I finallllly was seen, the director told me I had to choose between my monologue and the side given because he was running out of time for me to do both. I chose the side and read from It's A Wonderful Life. I felt as if the director did not even look up once nor did he care I was even in the room.I left the audition extremely frustrated but shook it off rather quickly (mostly because I got to blow off some steam at the Orlando City Soccer game...it was pretty epic).

This upcoming week is more Disney auditions so keep the mouse in your prayers.

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