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i want adventure in the great wide somewhere

I had thee most magical weekend! On Friday, Disneyland Hong Kong held auditions for 4 performers from the Lion King show, 1 for a twenties style Wild West show, and 1 very avid book reader from Beauty and the Beast (hint, hint) for the Golden Mickey's show. I arrived nice and early, and received #30 in line out of what eventually became 85.  I sang an excerpt from the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast (starting at "ohh isn't this amazing-- up to ch. 3"). Darla (casting director I have previously auditioned for) recognized me and welcomed me back. Jan, the casting director from Hong Kong Disneyland, was also in the room. After I sang, Darla and Jan stared back and forth at me and at each other for a little over 45 awkward seconds. Finally Darla gave Jan a "i guess so" sort of nod and Jan asked me if I could stay for a call back (the first out of the group for this character) after everyone else was done singing. I, of course responded with an enthusiastic "absolutely!" and headed back toward the lobby.

One of the best things about auditioning for Disney at Main Gate is they play movies, so I watched Pocahontas and Toy Story 2... twice each..this just tells you how long I was there.I also had time to think back just a little over a year and a half ago when I first auditioned for the same role at Hollywood Studio's park, and was told I have the right voice but not the right look. This made me really nervous. Do I have the right look now???

After waiting, all the girls who were called back for this princess, and I entered the room and were handed the music to Something There (this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeKA07gW8Cw is the part of the show she is in and the song we sang) from the show. Looking around the room, everyone else was short, with brown hair, brown eyes, and tan (the character is wigged and make up/contacts are used, however, at the time it was intimidating). The 6 of us each sang Something There one by one while the casting director took notes. She then had each of us do it again, this time while video taping us. From here she took our picture, and had us wait for the other people who were called back for different roles before learning the movement combination. 

Not one of us brought dance shoes with us. However, I lucked out and wore flats. Not that it really was that big of a deal, because for me the dance came very easily. It was a longer combination with some tricky moves thrown in, for weeding out purposes. After we learned it, she once again broke us into groups and video taped it. I felt as if it couldn't have gone better. When that was done, she told us all the details of the job, housing, salary, etc, and dismissed us all. That was it! I had made it the whole way through!

Saturday morning, I drove back down to Disney for the Disneyland Hong Kong princess look-a-like audition. About 60 showed up this time and I was number 17. I recognized one of the girls I was called back with yesterday and chatted with her while we waited. We all learned a pretty princess-y movement combination (which I was loving!!) then performed it in groups of 5. A cut was made from the original 60 down to 9 girls. I had been chosen!...however, the girl I had a call back with yesterday was not, which we were both kind of confused about. The 9 of us were taken to a back studio where we performed the dance again for the video camera. Our picture was taken, and then we stood as Jan looked closely at our faces. She asked our height and if we currently worked at Disney entertainment and if so, what roles. I was the only person in that room who did not work for them, which came as a surprise to her (sooo hear that? time to hire me Disney!).

She then assigned a princess to each person to be fitted for. As soon as she told me she wanted to see me in the ---- (same princess I auditioned for yesterday)wig and make-up, I began to tear up with excitement. I waited my turn before taking my seat in the make-up chair. The make up artist did a great job and for the finishing touch helped me put on my wig. My first look in the mirror after the transformation, I was beyond ecstatic. The casting director even came into the room to watch my reaction. I looked just like her, dark eyebrows, dark hair, rosy cheeks! It was awesome. Jan took my picture and I didn't want to take it off. I reluctantly placed my wig back into the care of the make-up artist and awaited instructions. Jan told us the same sch-beal I had heard yesterday about housing and such. At both auditions she said to wait for a call in mid July. ....I am not very patient....is it July yet?!?!?

Again I say, this weekend was very magical and couldn't have been better!I must apologize for having to be so cryptic, but Disney is very much about not ruining the magic, so you have to be careful how you word things.If you still don't know which character I am talking about..time to dive your nose into a book and do some research. (:

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Crydo said...

So amazing and cool. God has gifted you with so many talents. Rejoice

Bethany said...

:D :D :D

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