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no day but today

When I told you I always have some peculiar audition stories to tell, I definitely was not kidding. In fact, I think this mornings audition [or lack there of] was definitely a topper. 

I was suppose to audition for Carnival Cruise Line today in downtown Orlando. The audition was an open call beginning at 8am. We were asked to prepare two 16 bar cuts of contrasting material, one being r&b or rock n' roll style. I was planning on singing "Gimme, Gimme" and "No One But You", however, I ended up not singing at all. I arrived at the dance studio at 8:45am. I was aware the audition began at 8, but I was running a little behind because of traffic and rain. I enter the dance studio and expect it to be flourishing with people, however, I found not a single soul in the entire building. I checked every corner of every room for over 20 minutes and never found a trace of a person.I knew I was at the right location because there was a flyer about the audition on the door. I also checked the date and time and everything was right, but still no one had arrived. I finally decided to leave and headed down the road to Universal Studios to hang out before Wizard of OZ rehearsal tonight. The only thing I could think of was maybe no one showed up around 8 and they decided to not sit around and wait...on the other hand...maybe the rapture happened and I am writing this blog post to no one... who knows?

On a more exciting note, I just signed my contract to join the Clandestine Arts cast of RENT. The production will be performed in August, with a weeks rehearsal prior to opening. It is also my first paid musical production in Florida, woohooo! The lead characters are all performers who have been in national tours and/or professional productions of the show before, returning to fulfill their role once again. I was lucky enough to be cast in the ensemble as well as understudy Joanne. Now, I know what you are thinking...Joanne??, really? Yes..I honestly don't really understand it either, but I am excited for the opportunity to really learn how to understudy a production in such a short amount of time. In the meantime, I am living my 525,600 minutes to the fullest.

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