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oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends!

Yesterday evening, my sister Bethany and I auditioned for Central Florida Community Arts concert version of Oklahoma. I chose to sing "Mister Snow" from Carousel since it is also Rodgers and Hammerstein. Bethany went in before me and said it went well. I sang and the panel asked me about where I was from and then asked me to come back tomorrow night for call backs for the lead girl, Laurie. They also asked if Bethany was my sister and told me to invite her back to call backs as well. When I got home my mom and I decided to do a little research and watch the old movie. I almost forgot how much I loved these old musicals I grew up on, so it was a nice reminder.

Before call backs tonight I met Bethany at her work and while curling my hair, dropped the curling iron on my leg..but no worries..my finger caught it after.... fail. I now had lovely burn marks on my leg and finger and limped around her office with ice covering both parts. Arriving at the facility, we were handed our Laurie material and the 7 hopefuls went in to learn the song. One by one we sang an excerpt of "Many a New Day" in front of the panel. They had me sing it twice and asked me to try it again and this time sing the beginning more stubborn and independent. I did and from there they cut it to two of us. The other candidate was also a blonde hair, blue eyed, fair skinned woman. She was 26 and had a good 2-3 inches on me height wise. She had to leave at 8:15pm and since it was already 7:45pm, we got to go first to read. They had us read the scene with Curly (who was down to one candidate who was maybe 35 years old and very gay) where he proposes to her after Jud frightens her. The other girl went first so she could leave right away. I read the scene and they had me do it again but this time start the scene thinking Curly is my safe haven then changing it to being afraid of him (mimicking a Jud and Laurie scene but since we didn't have time, doing it with Curly instead). I did as they asked and felt very confident about how it went as I was released to go.

I had not had the opportunity to inform the panel of my conflicts I had with the rehearsal schedule due to Wizard of Oz and Rent rehearsals so I emailed them as soon as I got home. The production only rehearses on Mondays and Tuesdays with the show in September. I have over 7 conflicts and about an hour after I sent the email, I received a phone call asking if any of them were negotiable. After switching my schedule around some, I was able to make it work and was offered the role of Laurie! 

Since it is the concert version of the show I asked what exactly that meant and they said it is more of a limited set with a large orchestra and possible appearances from the Orlando City Ballet but other than that not much is different. The production is in September but we begin rehearsals on Tuesday. I am also really excited to be doing a show with Bethany again since she was also cast in the step out ensemble. Welp.. three shows at once should be..fun?..right??

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