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i am going to go stand outside so if any one asks, im outstanding!

Between Wizard of Oz performances, Oklahoma rehearsals, RENT meetings, not to mention starting my job as a K-2 teacher, my life these past few weeks has been pretty nuts.

First and foremost, for the handful of people that asked, Wizard of OZ went well for what it was. I had a lot of positive feedback from parents and friends and it was a lot of fun, however, it was also a huge bucket of stress on my end because I spent the majority of rehearsal time teaching and watching the choreography, resulting in the lack of my own Glinda rehearsal time. Opening night was pretty much the first time I had run my scenes...soo...it was a little frightening. I had a blast with my wonderful cast and crew however, but I am very much okay that it is over so I can now focus on other things.

Oklahoma rehearsals have been going really well, so far. There are a lot of people in the show, and as silly as it sounds, I am always really nervous to sing in front of all of them at rehearsals. There also are a lot of lines I have begun to memorize, but it is very tricky with the southern dialect written into the script. As for RENT, if you recall I was cast as Joanne's understudy. but I was informed this week that our Joanne broke her leg and will no longer be in the show (of course). I was relieved to remain in my ensemble/understudy role and the actor was replaced with another Orlando local. 

Wednesday was my Orlando Rep. Theatre audition. Their season consists of a lot of children's literature turned into plays and musicals. I sang "Gimme, Gimme" and did my monologue for the audition. The pianist was very enthusiastic about my song choice, and began to dive right into the song without a warning. I quickly asked if she could give me my starting note one more time, and again she just jumped right into the song, not really giving me a chance to start with her. I caught up to her and acted like nothing happened. I am not really sure what the next steps are with them, but my guess is emails will be sent out about call backs. This would be an awesome opportunity because some of my wizard crew (shout outs to Laura, Andrew, and Travis!) work there and it would be an absolute blast to work on another production with them.

Today, I once again made the trek to Disney World auditions for their parade performers' audition. When I arrived, there were a million people there (or so it seemed), and the line was outside and all the way down the parking lot. I eventually was given number 172 out of about 330. We did the 'across the floor routine' however, they changed the last two dance moves, which was throwing me off a bit since I was so used to doing it the other way. I powered through it, and ended up advancing on to round two. While waiting, I actually ran into Jayne (Ado Annie) from Oklahoma, who was also waiting for auditions. We went through the next round together (along with the other 60 that made the first cut), where we learned a harder dance combination, which I had done once before, combined with some animation exercises. From there, I survived the cut, and advanced to round 3 with around 30 others. We did the dance again twice in a row, but this time we were filmed. After that, there was again another cut. I was shocked to hear my number called to stay for round 4, where we learned an even more challenging routine. We learned the 'castle show' and 'trolley ballet combination' which was very technical and very briskly taught. I held on as much as I could with my lack of ballet experience, and was filmed again with the other 15. We all were dismissed together and told to wait for a phone call for either Halloween, Christmas, Electrical, etc parades. Keepin' my fingers crossed as always, but with Disney you just never know.


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1 comment

Bethany said...

A-hem... I believe you left out some stuff about Oklahoma.. "It's been so great getting to hang out with my amazing sister, Bethany, during practice. She is so utterly talented, it's mind-blowing."

Ah thanks Cass

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