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i would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it

Of course now that I find out I am going to Hong Kong in October, I have received more opportunities in Orlando.
I was cleaning out my email, and happened to look in my spam folder to find a call back offer from the Orlando Rep. Ironically, it is for Ailey's favorite book series right now, Ivy and Bean {the musical}. The call back is for Nancy, the "evil older sister". The production dates begin August 19 (the day after RENT ends) and the shows are everyday in September until October 6 (the day before I leave for HK). I think I would end up driving myself nuts if I attempt to fit it all in, however, I am just going to go to the call back and see what happens.
I also received a phone call this afternoon from Odd-o-t's Entertainment regarding my Seaworld Spooktacular audition. They offered me the job position of the mermaid (who very much like Ariel at Disney, sits on a clam shell and interacts with guests and children). I had to decline the position unfortunately, however, it still was a flattering opportunity and would have been a blast.

There have been some other roles I was planning on auditioning for this week, including the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando that takes place through out the month of October and Grinchmas, a Christmas show at Univeral Orlando that I won't be able to do now because I will be in Hong Kong. (Oh my gosh, I'm going to Hong Kong!!!)
It has been about 2 weeks since I found out about Hong Kong, and I finally have a few more details on the position. I have met and become facebook friends with one of the girls currently doing my role I will have there, so she has been extremely helpful in answering my million questions. I also have found the other 2 girls who will be sharing the role with me while I am there. (There are 4 of us total sharing the role during that time). I got a large Mickey Mouse folder in the mail with a ton of paperwork to fill out and send back, and so I have been working on that all week. I giggled a bit when on I saw on the housing inventory that I will have 3 pairs of chopsticks in my apartment, but in case you're concerned, there is silverware as well. 
I am trying to get through these next two months of shows before I really focus on HK stuff but at the same time...only 77 days!

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