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if anything, let this make you more determined than before

Last week I had 3 auditions for various events. The first was Cornerstone Theatre who's season consists of Assassins, Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolf, Time Stands Still, and Regrets. My audition appointment was the first time slot and I arrived 15 minutes early as usual. Auditions were being held in a large Catholic cathedral- style church and it took me all of my 15 extra minutes to finally locate where the auditions were actually being held. When I entered the room, it was just me and the director and no pianist or even a piano in site...oh boy. I performed my monologue, and when the director asked me to sing my piece I almost laughed. "A Capella?" I asked, to which he responded with "of course". So I awkwardly sang through my song and received an "on the spot call back". He hands me the sides for Lynette Fromme (Assassins) and explains to me that half way through the scene we are smoking weed. In the other scene I read, I was Honey (Virginia Wolf) and in this particular scene, I had to be drunk. I literally have never had to encounter. even remotely close, either of these situations in my real life, so I really was struggling to know how to act them out as if they were affecting my body. Regardless, I struggled through it, and was given another call back for both parts the following day. I could not attend due to prior commitments, but was told I would be informed in about 2 weeks time.

On Saturday, I auditioned for Seaworld's Halloween Spooktacular. I, again, ran into Jayne (Ado Annie from Oklahoma) however, I did not get to hang out with her for too long since she was #2 and I was #35 (out of 42). The roles we were auditioning for were various  characters dressed as sea creatures that interact with guests. Three hours later, when I finally got to perform my monologue, the director mentioned seeing Bedford High School on my resume and said he was originally from Bedford. Not only that, but then the monitor of the audition said he was from the Kent State area...small world! They asked me if I could stay for my callback, and then paired me with another man, named David, who was staying for a callback. We were told we had some time on our own to come up with a sea creature and a scenario where we had to interact together. I was Octavia, the octopus and he was Gill, the jellyfish. He had worked for this event in the past, and kind of led the decision making of what type of scene we would do, and even what both of us would say. He came up with some great stuff and hilarious puns, however, I was slightly annoyed that I didn't feel like I had made up any of it myself. When we were back in the audition room, they had us separately start at the back of the room, walk forward and transform from "Cassidy" into "Octavia"(yes, this is some of the weird stuff that you always hear about actors having to do in auditions). So away we went, transforming into our sea creatures, and then starting on our scene. It was going really well, and even one of the audition panel members ran up and asked to take a picture with us, simulating a child in the park. We paused for the photo and the "parent" (another panel member) pretended to struggle with his phone, forcing us to improv act with the person who wanted their picture taken. I was glad we got to do this because I felt like I actually got to come up with my own material. We then had to jump back in to our scene which, after a few awkward seconds (since I felt like I had to stick with what I was TOLD to say) we picked it up. When I came home, I looked up some youtube videos of last years' Spooktacular and it looks like it would be a lot of fun. There is a princess, a good witch, and a mermaid that all have beautiful costumes that I would be all about wearing any of those too!

Yesterday, I was supposed to go to Tampa for my Busch Gardens Halloween audition.  After realizing I would have to figure out housing if I worked there, and it is kind of a drive (plus the weather was really awful), I decided instead to go to the Mad Cow Theatre auditions for their production of The Light in the Piazza. It was downtown, so I had to park a mile away from the theatre, and of course. it was raining. My hair was curly until the moment I stepped out of my car. I looked like a complete mess by the time I actually walked into the audition room. I sang "Sorry Her Lot" from H.M.S. Pinafore, and did as well as I could. I did not receive a callback, but I am really not too worried about it for two reasons. The first being that I am a little young for any of the lead roles, and the second is the show is around Christmas time, meaning I would not be able to do Universal again.

I am one month away from starting RENT rehearsals and two months away from Oklahoma... needless to say, my plate is very full.

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