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how do you measure a year? in daylights? in sunsets? in midnights? in cups of coffee?

So I had my Ivy and Bean callback at the Orlando Rep about a week and a half ago. When I got there, there were over 20 girls called back for the same role of Nancy. The director was the director of finding nemo the musical at disney, as was the choreographer, which I thought was pretty cool. They had told us to be prepared to dance, however, when I got there, they gave us all sides and a song. As everyone frantically looked for the songs they were going to have to sing on youtube we all realized no one has really done this show yet, and they were no where to be found. My song was called "i'm in charge now" which had a tango feel to it. It was very low and very wordy. All 20 of us huddled around the piano as the music director begins to play. He played the piano line and not the vocal line and left us all to fend for ourselves. It was a struggle. Of course they call my name to sing first..awesome. I sang through it kind of guessing at certain parts the right notes and rhythms while trying to act bossy but not evil. The director had me sing it one more time a little louder. From there everyone else had their turn some only singing it once, some twice. It was fairly easy to tell who they were going to immediately rule out from there. They then had us all leave the room and called three girls to stay. I had not been asked to stay. I personally was very much ok with this, since I think I am leaving for HK Oct 5 and this show runs till Oct 6. I was more bummed I didn't get to dance. haha

RENT rehearsals and production began last Thursday and since then we have had one full weekend of shows. This has been thee longest week of my entire life. I have never been so exhausted before. The cast is amazing and so much fun to be around. The rehearsal process was a little frustrating at times, mostly because we were trying to pull off a large production in just a week time frame. Needless to say, I have learned a lot about directing a show and how much people really need to work together to make things happen. We have one more weekend of shows (thur-sun, come see it!) but till then, I am excited to have this week of rest (not counting Oklahoma rehearsals..sigh.). On a positive note, my sinus infection is almost gone and I am already feeling worlds better!

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