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it's a beautiful thing when career and passion come together

Since I received my Hong Kong phone call, I have told myself I wouldn't think about it until Oklahoma was over, so I could focus on my current shows. This past week, Oklahoma came and went, and now I am ready to start preparing for my trip. It really is crazy how fast time flies. I felt like we had just started Oklahoma rehearsals at the beginning of the summer, and then all of a sudden it was tech week (of course it helped doing two other shows at the same time). The cast consisted of a lot of really wonderful people, and it was great getting to do a show with my sister, Bethany. The last time she and I performed together in the same show was in 2003. I also met my wonderful Ado Annie and best friend, Jayne, who I am going to miss so much! We had super large crowds both nights, which made performing all the more fun. I was sad to see the show end, however, I am ready for the next big event coming up.

I have stopped auditioning since July when I found out about HK, but I still have been contacted a few times about callbacks for previous auditions I had done before. Recently, I have been contacted twice by the Orlando Rep for callbacks for their children's shows, Merlin and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I also have a callback at the Winter Park Breakthrough Theatre for Sisters of Swing. I can't attend any of these callbacks because of the one little detail of being out of the country and all...

I have recently made a check list of the things I need to start doing before I head out (IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!) and unfortunately one of those things was to get a few necessary immunizations (wahhh!). I went to Walgreens clinic today (and of course, made my mom hold my hand) while I got three shots done. The worst part is I still have one more on Wednesday to get.

On the plus side, my large packet of paperwork (Mickey Mouse packet) got filled out and sent back about a month ago and is almost finished being processed. Hopefully, I will have all the details of my flight soon.

25 days and counting.....

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