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home is where the heart is

Well today we loaded up our bags and moved away from what I have known as home for the last 3 weeks, the Hollywood Hotel.
I was actually a little sad to leave.

 We took the 40 minute bus ride out to Tin Shu Wai to our new home and arrived around 2pm. Without further or do, here it is.....

hotel lobby

precious little kitchenette


my little dressing station ha

my beautiful view on the 21st floor

Our bags were delivered to our room and we all went grocery shopping at the mall's park and shop that is basically in the lobby of our building. Once I got home, I put away my groceries and then started to unpack my suitcases..again.

Unpacking was when I realized the homesickness was finally setting in. The hotel here is a little less friendly and cheerful than the Disney one, and it is going to take a lot of TLC for me to make it finally seem like home. I decided then would be the perfect time to hang all the pictures I brought with me. I now have pictures covering all of my walls and it already feels much cheerier in here!

Tomorrow is Halloween and I am not positive what the plan is yet. They don't do trick or treating here since most people live in flats and not in houses. Earlier this week, we had a pajama party and watched Hocus Pocus in celebration. 

My shows have been progressively getting better. My second show, I had a little onstage collision with my monster and scraped my eye when I slammed into his face...oops. haha
I have had the past two days off and I can say I am very excited to go back to work tomorrow. I have missed the show. Not to mention on my day off I tried chicken feet.......

That was terrible. I could have been sick. ha 
Last but not least, here is the link to my first show if you have not seen it yet (:


pay close attention to the usher in the opening number, the girl on the s block for "you've got a friend in me", mulan (good luck ha), and beauty and the beast/finale. (:

Happy Halloween everyone (: stay safe and eat some normal American candy for me!

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lobby and view of the city. It'll feel like home soon when you add your touches. Hope they had some American food for you to buy at the Park and Shop. <3

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