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i hope you get the chance to live like you were dying

I am officially out of the rehearsal process now! yayy! 

This week consisted of more playing in the park and food hunts. Luckily we move into our apartments this Wednesday and it won't be as hard.

monsters inc here is a really popular 

riding our favorite, grizzly gultch front seat

We also were brave and tried some not so familiar foods...
and some familiar ones as well....

Last Monday, I was getting on to the bus and ran into someone and suddenly my nametag disappeared. I was so bummed and kept whining to Matthew (SM) to call about it. He did all he could, but it is definitely gone for good ): On the plus side, I was surprised to find a special treat hidden in my belongings later...

it says cassidy in chinese symbols
 How cool (: 
This week I had two dress rehearsals with pyro, costumes, and everything. It was pretty exciting. The first time I turned around to dance onstage with the ...monster... I sort of chuckled a bit because of how big the costume is. I also struggled a lot dancing in that big giant ballgown because it weighs a lot and moves against you at all costs. Plus dancing with someone who is almost blind in a giant costume is a large challenge. Other than that my first dress rehearsal I would say was a success.

The morning of my final dress rehearsal, I woke up with a sore throat and swollen glands. I worked all day trying to get the swelling down but it was just getting worse. Slowly I started to develop a fever and headache. I let my stage managers know I was not feeling well and they sent me to the office to have my temperature checked. While I was in there I broke down simply because I was stressing out that of course I am sick for approval night. I eventually calmed down enough to tell them I still wanted to do my run. I got ready and made it through the show. It was probably my best run yet, since I felt the need to prove I may not have felt great, but I could still do it. The only small hiccups during the show were right before my b and b scene. Costuming could not locate my shoes and so literally right before I entered backstage barefoot, a costumer shoved another girl in the ensembles shoes on my feet. They were a little too big, causing me to step on my (giant) dress right before my lift and I almost tripped. I played it off and you almost could not even tell...almost.Regardless, we all got approved to open shows! yayyyy!

Today I rested as much as could ...with a little side shopping trip on the side to Mong Kok. It was crazy. It is all market places and malls and they expect you to bargain with them. I got some new bags, wallet, shirts, and hair accessories all for under $50 american. We all were very much exhausted by the end of the day though and turned in for an early night.I was also just a little annoyed with so many people being in my personal bubble all day. ha

Tomorrow is my opening show! I am on stand by which means I only get to do one performance, which is at 4pm (4am usa) and I can not wait! Everyone say a little prayer I start feeling better by then. 

On a side note, I have been seeing on facebook all of the mourning the Bedford community (where I grew up and went to high school) has been in and it breaks my heart.My heart goes out to the Durbin family who has lost their son way too early in life. Colton, I hope you can see what an impact you have made on everyones life, and I do mean everyone. You definitely brought the whole community together. #CD3
 Wishing I was there to hold my loved ones just a little bit tighter these days, but know that I thinking of you all and sending my love and best wishes your way.

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