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i love playing tourist

Since we are living in a hotel, and finding food is often a challenge, Katie and I have been going in to the park for lunch before work. We will grab some lunch, then ride some rides.
buzz lightyear ride

mystic mannor

Sometimes we go after work for "dinner" too...

frozen yogurt and a churro!

Saturday Hailey, Sam, Katie, and I ventured out to find a laundry facility. First of all, carrying those big heavy bags of laundry was not fun at all, secondly, laundry was a huge bust at first.

We started out at Tsing Yi, where it ended up being almost as pricy as the hotel because you pay per garment.Our total would have been around $90 American dollars. Katie and I ended up meeting up with Matthew in Tai Wai where we found Golden Ocean Laundry, and total added up to about $6 American (since it was by pound and not by garment).

yayyy clean clothes! boo for having to carry this on the mtr
Tai Wai was one of the coolest places we have been so far, because it is not so tourist-y.
There are lots of market places here and EVERYONE has a bike. We decided to jump on that bandwagon and rent bikes for a ride around a man made lake and tai wai.

We were really fortunate to have a great local tour guide!
matthew, our stage manager (sm)

He did, however, make us try some pretty interesting foods.

We nicknamed the black jello looking stuff sunscreen jello because that is literally what it tasted like. The dumplings were not so bad. We also tried bean curd custard and some milk looking stuff which we were not really a fan of. The market place also had some interesting choices...
Dried duck and fish lung...vom.

The smell alone made me feel like I was going to be sick.The view on the bike ride made up for it all though.
On Sunday we ventured out to see the big Buddha. The view was INCREDIBLE!!
We had a glass bottomed car which was really cool. Then we actually got to Big Buddha. It is massive and so hard to actually get in a picture. There were also a million stairs to get to the top (yay more strengthening!)
That night we had mexican food (yum!) with the current GM cast as a farewell dinner to the ones leaving. Their last show is Saturday which means my first show is on Sunday! I am bummed about the current cast leaving though, since I feel like we were just getting to know each other.
Crystal (one of the current princesses)

 Back in to rehearsals this week.My first dress rehearsal is this week though, yay!

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:) Love it all (yay for trying new things!)

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