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i think i'm gonna like it here..

Last night I arrived in Hong Kong around 5:45pm (5:45am orlando time. This was my incredible view coming in from the plane...it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful here (and it was night time when I came in so I am sure its even better in the day!)

Once we stepped off the plane and went through customs, we exchanged our money to Hong Kong dollars. I think the currency will be the hardest thing for me to get a grasp on for awhile. The bills also have a hard time fitting in my wallet. This is my favorite bill so far though ($10)..

 There also is are one, two, and ten dollar coins(so much pressure not to lose those). Everything seems so expensive but once converted (divide by 7.75) it is not so bad.Gas here is like $12.89 (and we thought $3 something was bad!). Anyways, so we exchanged our money, and then Brittany and I were met at the airport by Candy, who brought some friends along to greet us... (:

She has also already picked up a girl named Sam. Sam is an Australian who will also be in The Golden Mickey's, where she will be swimming around "Under the Sea" with a special mermaid friend of hers.The three of us bought our octopus cards (kinda like a glorified subway card) and then went out to the taxi's to begin the short trek to the hotel.
Does this look weird to anyone else?? haha. The drivers seat is on the right here, and they drive on the opposite sides of the road! We arrived at the Disney Hollywood Hotel and were dragged all over backstage to be given our temporary id's and shown where bus pick ups were. After we had a little down time to head to our rooms. They are really pretty, and it is super fun staying at the disney hotel.

We stay here till the 30th and our apartments are ready. After settling in a bit, Brittany, Sam, and I all had dinner at the hotel and enjoyed getting to know each other. I love hearing about the way things are different in Australia and comparing them to the USA and now Hong Kong.

I picked up a special treat from the front desk from Lisa (who is currently good friends with Belle) and was surprised to find some fresh fruit, chocolate, and a little note. She is so sweet, thanks lisa!

I also had some special treats from the hotel,while unpacking... such as, tea from my tea station in my room-

and slippers!

It's the little things, right? I have to meet the other girls for breakfast tomorrow at 8am (8pm orlando time) and be out the door to start orientation tomorrow at 8:30am. We are meeting up with all the new girls (which should be 4 new mermaids and 4 princesses..who all live down the hall with me).

Trying to sleep here is currently difficult because of the time change. Hopefully I will adjust quickly.

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Em said...

LOVING your updates... I showed the girls your room... Ailey was oohing over your slippers - lol. Have a great first day! :)

Cassidy Tompkins said...

lol tell her i had mickey mouse shaped croutons in my salad at dinner!

Sharon Hegedus said...

Sounds like you're having a great time so far! But you're ALWAYS going to be Laurie to me! ;-)

Bethany said...

Love it! Good work on updating the blog WITH pictures!

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