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i was born to do this

Week two has turned out to be a fairly productive week. I finally have a way to communicate with the world!
Our stage manager, Matthew (who is the coolest guy ever...I am writing this mostly because I know he reads it haha) came with Katie and I to Tsing Yi to buy my cell phone. It was a very frustrating process, but thankfully he was there to help.

We also had a little side trip to Mcdonalds for dinner, of course.
I was officially welcomed into the iphone world though and can now communicate with Americans....
my number you can imessage me, viber, whassapp on: 852 5320 2543
skype: cassidy.tompkins
instagram: cassilynn22
snapchat: ctompki2

This week has been filled with my first full run through of the show in the rehearsal hall, some onstage rehearsal, and lots of watching the show.

gotta love the confetti cannon at the end

Matthew also rewards us with a job well done with candy sometimes, and I was finally given my first treat!! woot woot!
We had two vocal rehearsal sessions this week to work on our songs. Ronnie is the vocal director, and the nicest guy ever. We also had our vocal EQ's tonight. That was a little strange. We stood on our box backstage and sang to a scrim where you pretty much can't see anyone or anything behind it. We also have to stare into a light at one point, during the song, and my eyes were totally watering because of how bright it was. 

Katie and I got to work early today and decided to ride the parachute drop ride in Toy Storyland. I was so excited because this was the one ride I have always wanted to ride since reading about the park. It was really fun.
We have been lucky to be getting more sleep this week because our call time is later, however, we have later rehearsals. Jen, the casting director, has been sitting in on a lot of our rehearsals lately too. She of course sat in on my first run through, where during Mulan and I accidentally full on smacked the guy in front of my with my stick on the back of his head....oops. I also accidentally tried spam tonight at dinner...that was another big oops. It tasted kind of like fried bologna. Katie ordered duck today and I tried a bite of that too. It tasted like tough chicken, but I just could not get over the fact that it was duck and could not eat more than a bite.

Tonight we did beauty and the beast for the first time onstage. I got a little emotional because adding all the lights and music and dancers around just makes it that much more real. It was amazing.

The more I am here, the more I love this job. This is such a wonderful opportunity and the people here are so incredible. I am really loving it a lot and can not wait for soft opening next week!

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Bethany said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Kim said...

If anyone was born to be a Disney princess, it would be you! Enjoy the experience ~ we love hearing about your escapades through Emily <3

Brittany Schmidt said...

LOVE reading these :)

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