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i was dying earlier today,then i died, now i'm dead

Today we had a very early start, and met at 8am in the lobby. The girls and I met up for breakfast, where we all barely ate because the cast canteen menu was hard to understand. We all ordered toast and eggs (only option was over easy, which i have never in my life eaten before). The worker kept trying to offer us this hot dog looking thing and would not accept no as an answer. This has sort of become a running joke amongst us now.
Speaking of the girls, I should probably introduce them...

  me, brittany, noelle, katie (princesses) then sam and hailey (mermaids)

Today was full of orientation information they call traditions. We sat through this for 9 hours, with breaks and lunch in between. Needless to say, between the jet lag and content, heads were definitely bobbing through out the program. We got to go backstage of our show which was pretty cool though, unfortunately, I am not really allowed to tell lots of details. I did however see the Belle dress for the first time today, and almost cried. It was so glittery and huge and just...magical!

We had a mini park tour today as well. Katie and I did not bring the proper footwear however, (we were both in 3 inch heels) and ended up buying our first Disneyland HK souvenirs! 
yayy mickey flip flops!

We also got our nametags today, which was pretty exciting.
We also learned how to draw our boss, Mickey Mouse. I am a horrible artist.. lol
In the park, we just so happened to walk in around the time of the flights of fantasy parade! Here is a little piece of it...
 princess float!


 courtney this one is for you, the beginning of toy story

We also got to see the castle...
and our home for the next 6 months...storybook theater...
 All in all, it was a very busy day.We finally got back to the hotel around 7pm where we decided to venture out to Tung Chung for dinner. 

We got to take the very magical disney metro train...

We had dinner, then attempted to go grocery shopping for some basic items. It was very challenging and I was ready to get on the plane back home right then and there...but there were a few familiar faces..
I am so exhausted, I can not wait to head to bed. good morning america, but definitely goodnight hong kong!

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