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not all who wander are lost

We had the weekend off, but it for sure did not feel like it. I am still very tired because of our weekend adventures. Saturday morning, Sam, Katie, and I headed to the pool to relax a bit. At around 2:30pm we all headed out to mainland Hong Kong. The bus was really full and Katie sat on Noelle and I's lap to avoid sitting by someone she didn't know, which of course, we laughed about the entire way to the MTR station..

amazing view from the MTR (subway) into the city

The easiest way to describe where we were at is if you remember the pictures from my last post with the lit up buildings, we were walking around the lit up buildings. This area is also a lot like a hilly NYC.

the bank has lucky lions you are suppose to make a wish on

We walked up lots of stairs and hills to the peak tram, which is awesome for a bunch of really sore girls. The peak tram is a cable car that goes 90 degree angles the entire time to take you to the very top of the city. It is sort of terrifying, especially because I don't like going up on rollar coasters, and that is exactly what we felt like we were doing.
waiting in line

this is the cable car

about to go up to 90 degree angles

It was all worth it though. First of all because Katie, Hailey and I found a Häagen-Dazs ice cream....

OH and
The view at the top, was the most breathtaking thing ever.

It was incredible and pictures just can not do it justice. There were so many fisherman boats on the water too. It was cool. We watched the sunset and the buildings beginning to lite up one by one. From the other side of the dock they do a light show at night.

While waiting in line to get on the tram again to go back, probably around 10 people were taking our picture at all times.The guy behind us asked if we were movie stars haha. I kind of feel like a celebrity here, which can be fun but also annoying at times. It was really windy waiting for the tram too so I am sure those pictures did not turn out well anyways.

We went back down on the tram (backwards at 90 degree angles is way better) and had dinner at Einsteins (a little Mediterranean hole in the wall). After, we walked around downtown till like 12:30am to go bar hopping. Katie and I don't drink, but we still were having fun with the others. We were offered so many drinks and free things though simply for being American and young. The age demographic of people who go out here are more like older business men.

Katie and I had had enough and decided to take a taxi home, since the subway stops running at midnight. The cab driver totally got lost on disney property and it took us awhile to get back. Once we finally did, it was like finding dry land after being lost at sea.lol

Today we are going back out to Tsing Yi to try and get cell phones and locks for our GM lockers. Hopefully we won't get lost again haha

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Bethany said...

Loving the updates! Great Adventures!

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