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she warned him not to be decieved by appearances..for beauty is found within

I think the jet lag is finally beginning to subside a little, thankfully. I felt well rested today and a little more prepared for the day.
The morning consisted of more informational meetings with a focus on the entertainment industry here at DLHK. We also watched some videos on safety around pyrotechnics and workplace violence (which we all chuckled through the entire time). At lunch today, I was feeling adventurous and decided to try the chicken hanging in the window by its feet at the cast canteen.... eep. As I am ordering, Katie feels it is a good idea for me to look at the bottom of where the chicken is hanging...where we found A HEAD!!!! I could have vomited. I think it was a duck head..but it probably was the chicken I was about to eat. Ariah(who is a training GM host) is a HK native and helped me out by ordering for me in Cantonese. She was impressed with my chopstick ability...

Also, if you look closely at the diet coke I am drinking, it says "coca-cola light" haha. That is what they call it here.
After lunch we were taken to cosmetology to be fit in our wigs and learn how to do our make up. I was a royal mess this whole process. I had no idea how to put on the wigs or pin them and take them off. I also discovered how pale I look as a red head, haha.The make up was a whole other issue. The guy did half my face and I had to mimic it on the other side. Needless to say, it looked nothing like what he did and he had to fix it. He also told me I need to practice..wahh.Anyways, here is the final product.

We finished at around 4pm today, so the girls and I ventured out to the pool.

 The ocean is right behind the pool so we also went on a little walk down to check it out. It is an absolutely beautiful view! I even stuck my toes in the water. I can officially say I have been in the Pacific Ocean now!
 We then ventured out onto the metro get dinner in Tsing Yi, where I experienced Thai food for the first time.

Sam ended up ordering this giant fish, which they put a flame under, and it just became a giant issue. We all had a good laugh watching her eat it.This is her ladling her soup on to the fish, thinking it was a sauce..
I also finally got a picture of the Hollywood hotel where we are staying at..

 Pretty decent day if I do say so myself.

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1 comment

Bethany said...

Love it! And you tried new things!!! Good work! Keep it up!

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