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Thank goodness it's the weekend! Yesterday we had to jog 2 miles and it was the absolute worst. We had beautiful scenery to look at while we jogged at Inspiration Lake, but it was extremely hot and humid out. When we got back, Brittany realized she had lost her wedding ring and they had to go back and look for it (which they found thankfully). I was just glad it was over.

After we watched the show, twice. It is more fun now that we are beginning to make friends with people in the cast because they wave to you and make silly faces from the stage. 

golden mickeys opening

beauty and the beast (b and b)

Rehearsal time seemed to tick by, since we all knew our weekend off was coming. We learned the B and B choreography, which is sort of tricky since it is similar things over and over again but in different orders. I actually caught on to this one a little more than the other dances so far. We then reviewed Friendship, which I finally nailed! It feels good knowing we have 2 more weeks of rehearsal and we are already in this good place with choreography. 

After rehearsal, we went out to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to celebrate and have dinner. This felt like the longest trip ever since we were hungry and sore.

We took Sam (Aussie) to Outback steakhouse, which according to her was an outrage and not really Australian anything, haha. TST was beautiful though, and reminded me a lot of a very bright and neon NYC. Here's some pictures...

There was poop on the ground and Katie stood here for literally like ten min warning people not to step in it lol

While there, we saw the most beautiful skyline I have ever seen. It was really hard to take a picture since it was dark, but I tried..

The water has ferries on it that takes you to the other side to the neon skyline. When we got back to the disneyland MTR, we had missed the buses since it was so late to get back to the hotel. We had to walk (about 20 min) back to the hotel. It was running at the lake all over again, not fun. We also saw these huge snails, and had to try not to step on them!

It was nuts. Today we have the day off and are going back out toward the peak.I probably won't update again till tomorrow since we will be out late.


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