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train like a beast, look like a beauty

Looking back, I can barely even remember what we did this morning because that is how long today was. I literally spent the entire day in the gym (which if you know me, never happens). Today we had lots of strength training. Glen, the physical therapist on site, took Brittany, Ariah, and I first. We had to be measured, weighed, have our blood pressure checked, and have a physical exam. We all were told we had terrible posture (no surprise there). I also have a hyper extended back, which is why it always hurts. He showed me how to correct it, and gave me some stretches and exercises help (thank goodness). 

After lunch, we had a little time before we headed back to the gym again. Brittany, Katie, and I ran in to the park and rode space mountain and small word. Space mountain here is decorated for halloween so it is kind of scary (it actually reminds me of mummy at universal). It reminds me nothing of the Orlando space mountain. Small world here is awesome!! They put Disney characters in to the ride and everything looks so new and sparkly! It was a nice break from the gym.

When we got back to the gym,this time we busted out the yoga balls and did some intense ab strengthening. We also decided we should never all work out together again, because we can not be taken seriously in the same room...

clearly. As for the intense ab work...well..let's just say, I am not feeling it...

ha. My abs are already a little sore.
All of the princesses were assigned a letter A-D to be able to keep us straight. They were given in no particular order, but we Noelle (who is Belle D) kept joking she was assigned Belle D"on't even bother coming in" or Belle D"o you have your passport? because we are deporting you". haha This has sort of become an ongoing joke now for anyone who messes up that they are going to be promoted to Belle D. (I am currently Belle C for anyone curious). Katie got demoted to Belle D during strengthening today for laughing on the ground for a solid 5 min, not being able to keep her feet on the ball. haha

We also had our first rehearsal today! We learned the opening number, closing number, and a little piece of "You've Got a Friend In Me". It was a very crazy process. There are 4 captains in the show and they were teaching about 9 people different roles. Everyone was talking all over each other trying to teach their individual group their individual part. Focusing was a struggle. Opening was pretty easy and mostly blocking. Closing was so princess-y and fun. It is the "When You Wish Upon a Star" track and everyone does the same choreography, so it is not too chaotic. Friendship was a little more challenging. They began to teach it to us with only a half hour left to learn it so, it was very fast paced. It is very fun and more dance though. 

We were all too tired to go out tonight, plus we have to be somewhere by 8am so we decided to eat at the hotel (since there is nothing around without taking a million subways). I FINALLLLLLY got some french fries tonight, and they were literally the best ever because I missed them so much. They also made our ketchup in to little Mickey ears.

I can not believe it has only been 3 days. This has felt like the longest week ever. I am super dooper tired. Goodnight Hong Kong, good morning America!

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