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we all have to grow up sometime

Today I have officially been here a week! Katie and I were so proud of ourselves. We ventured out on our own today to Tsing Yi to attempt to get phones and groceries. Katie got her phone since she is getting a prepaid junky little guy, but I was denied one for the millionth time since I don't have my HK ID card, and won't be getting it till I have been here a year. I was super frustrated but cheered up a little because Katie and I had Mcdonalds for lunch (:

YUM! We also successfully bought groceries on our own for our second shopping excursion. 

Winning. Once I got back, I talked to my stage manager, Matthew (we love him, he is awesome and thinks we are nuts lol) and he said he would help me out with the phone situation tomorrow since it has yet to work out.

When we got back, we rehearsed our dances a bit then ventured out to the park for a bit of the Halloween fun. We went to Grizzly Gulch and rode the Grizzly rollar coaster, which was soo much fun. Then headed to Toy Story land, which is so cute. We rode the RC car ride. 

From there we watched the parade, which has a lot of glow in the dark aspects and is kind of scary. Our last ride of the night was the jungle cruise, where you had to choose which language you wanted to do the ride on. We chose english (obviously) but i am not entirely sure the person speaking was talking in english. lol she was very hard to understand.

After we got back we had a mini game night and played heads up (love that game so much) and snacks with everyone. 

Last but certainly not least, I have a very special picture to share for a special little girl. (:

Look Ailey, my besties bracelet made it all the way to Hong Kong and even saw the castle!! Love you (:

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