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when you wish upon a star--

That was the most incredible rush of my entire life! I can not even explain to you how fun that show was today. 

I was on stand by today so I arrived at 12 for pm meeting for our 4pm show. Sam and I were on stand by together and decided to kill time by playing in the park a bit...of course.

We got back for 3pm warm ups and warm ups is an appropriate term.We did our normal stretches and then did 2 songs of intense jumping zumba. It was fun but I was sweating all the foundation I had on my face and my wig cap. After, I had to reapply everything and fix my self before mic check. Sam and I were both ready a good 10 min before the show and were running around like crazy trying to get rid of the anxiety.

Finally we were at places! I heard the show music began and I felt like I could be sick. I was so excited! The whole opening number is a big blur to me. I could barely think straight to remember the choreography. I got it together for Friendship and just started to really have fun with it. I did at one point almost miss my partners knee because I began to sit too early...but ended up basically doing a wall sit in the air for a minute to catch myself.Mulan I was already anxious about in rehearsals, so adding an audience for this number I was really freaking out. I tried to relax and have fun with it as much as possible, which was really only working because of my cast mates encouragement. When I put my princess dress on for the last few scenes, I tried really hard to take a deep breath and steal those precious few moments I had to soak it all in. Is this really my life and my job?! How lucky am I! Right before I sang, a video plays and it is very easy to hear the audience from where I am. It was precious to hear how excited little kids were cheering and calling for the princess on the screen and even more so when I appeared visibly to them.It took a lot for me to keep it together while I was singing, but I think it was one of my better vocal performances. My monster was also super encouraging throughout our scene. He kept squeezing my hand in confirmation during the song. Waltzing offstage I could not help but think, I can not wait to do this again. Before I walked on for finale, I gave the fab 5 around me a big hug and we told each other good show. I walked out and noticed the house lights were up in the auditorium. The house was completely full and right in the front is a family dressed up as characters from lilo and stitch. There is an older woman dressed as lilo, a man in stitch feetie pajamas, and another woman in stitch's girlfriend feetie pajamas. haha I loved it.I came down to curtsey and the family in the front of me were screaming and reaching out toward me. I was so distracted I, again, almost forgot the choreography. It was really crazy. As we sang the words "your dreams come true", I officially lost it. I had tears fully in my eyes at that point and was trying to keep it together for the rest of finale. When I got offstage, Sam and I were both crying tears of joy. It was awesome. 

Transforming back to a blonde, we went with a lot of the cast members went to see a former princess in her first Grizzly Gultch performance. I even got to be apart of the fun and "pan for gold".

Miss Kitty, you could not be more perfect and we loved watching you!

We then had dinner in the park and got a seat right in front of the castle to watch the Halloween parade and the fireworks.During the fireworks, beauty and the beast was projected on the castle with all these crazy breath taking fireworks around it, and I teared up all over again (there has clearly been a lot of that happening lately...). It was truly the best way to end today. It was such a magical day and I can not wait to go to work tomorrow (: 

ps- there will be a video coming shortly, but due to technical errors (aka it won't upload to my computer off of katies ipad, wahhh) it is going to be a day or two behind.

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