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with brave wings she flies

My wonderful family and friends threw me a surprise (which I literally had no idea about!) going away party on Tuesday evening. My best friend, Emily was in town for the week, and she helped con me into meeting my family for dinner, where I walked in to a lot of lovely Belle decor and a big surprise. The party goers all wrote me touching notes for when I get lonely when I am gone. It was a really great evening and I am so grateful for every person involved. Starting to say goodbye to people is making it all so much more real now.

My little fairy helper (emily) and I also starting the packing process today. I am allowed to take one 50 pound bag on the flight with me. Emily was too good at her job, and helped me stuff my entire life in to a suitcase, resulting in my suitcase currently being 10 pounds over weight...sigh. Luckily I still have two days to figure it out. 

I also figured out Brittany (the other girl going over with me from Orlando) will be on both of my flights, even though we are not seated near each other.

I was suppose to attend an Orlando Rep call back tomorrow for Freckle Face, the musical, however, I am not planning on going. I am suppose to take my car to a mechanic to see if he can help with the selling process (unless of course YOU want to buy it! (: )

Two more days till take off!


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Hilary R said...


Bethany said...


Emily said...

Wooo!!! Let the adventure continue :)
(if you want help paring down your suitcase let me know...)

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