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with brave wings ...she is STILL flying

This week has been a total emotional roller coaster. It is not easy saying goodbye (or see ya laters either) to someone you care about every single day.
I am currently writing this entry on the plane ride from Chicago to hong kong. It is 6:30pm (although I have no idea what time zone we are currently in) and according to the little map on my tv monitor we are about 10 hours away still (blahh not even halfway). We are currently flying over the north pole (hi santa!) and the temperature is -73 degrees Fahrenheit! Holy moly! It was pretty cool getting to look out the window and see ice caps and snow though (that is what the picture below is, even though it is hard to tell).

On Friday evening I said bye to my two little nieces, Ailey and Etta, which was extremely hard. We all put on our brave faces for a bit before the tears started, but all was suddenly well, as long as I promised to bring back mini castles for certain mini princesses. I chose not to sleep more than about an hour or so before having to get to the airport at around 6am on Saturday, so I would be tired on the flight. Boy, did that work, I was (still am) beat. My mom, Emily (sister), and Mike took me to the airport, where even more challenging goodbyes were said, and of course lots of hugs. I got to my gate for my flight to Chicago, where I met Brittany, and we prepared to board. The flight was not too bad. I was a little bummed I didn’t get the window seat I had fought for but it worked out. I slept most of the trip (when the little boy kiddie corner to me was not screaming and running up and down the aisles….).
We arrived in Chicago around 9:30am (10:30 orlando time) and had about 3 hours to eat and use our phones for the last few hours before having to shut them off for six months (wahhhh!). We boarded the flight and took off around 12:30pm (1:30pm Orlando time) and I almost instantly fell asleep. Since then, I have had my first airplane meal (yikes…), and made a new friend with the woman next to me. Her name is Chow (spelling of that I am not so sure) and she is a professor at a college in South Bend, Indiana. I am in the middle seat, but my other neighbor and I cannot really speak to each other because he only speaks French. We are set to arrive at 5:30pm (5:30am Orlando time) but don’t worry, I am keeping myself busy. My tv monitor did not work till about 5 hours in to the flight so I read almost my entire book already (yay new Nicholas Sparks book!), listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and snacked out on princess fruit snacks (thanks jayne! There were sooo many Merida’s, I don’t understand!! Lol). Once my monitor started working though I watched Monsters University because I needed an uplifting movie that would make me laugh (I also had to resist the urge to watch The Great Gatsby for the fifth time…ha). My neighbors were also watching movies. I had Channing Tatum on my left, and Ryan Gosling on my right, so life was pretty beautiful for awhile (:
By the time this will actually be posted, I will probably have landed, since I have no internet here in the clouds (booo). Once I get to the hotel I can give more details and such, but be patient, I am sure there will be a lot of updates this week. I did however want to take a quick second to say thank you to everyone. All my friends and family have been so encouraging and supportive through out this process. How lucky am I to have people like you in my life, so thank you, and I love and miss you all very much.  In the words of my boss, Mickey Mouse, “ See ya real soon!”

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1 comment

Brittany Schmidt said...

Break a leg out there! I loved this entry! It made me cry! You're super talented so I'm glad they chose you ;) xoxo!

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