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you know it was a good day if you didn't hit or bite anyone...

This morning after waking up wayyy too early, I got to talk to some special kids. I skyped with Ailey and Etta, who were very impressed that the sun was up while they were currently getting ready for bed.
miss these cutie pies

Afterwards, we took a taxi (such beautiful scenery!) to Tsing Yi to open our bank accounts.
We walked in and had a permanently confused look on our face the whole time. I am still not even sure if my bank account actually is open or not. haha  After we got starbucks because I seriously have not felt so tired as I did this morning.

When I got back, I had my costume fitting. Unfortunately, I am not really allowed to say much about the process or the costumes :/ I can however say that I had been waiting since I got the phone call about the job to try on the iconic gold dress. The moment was a lot less magical then I thought it would be. There was no mirror so I could not even really see myself, and I was called tall four million times and they had to let the bottom out to make me look shorter.

We had a crazy rehearsal today. We learned Mulan stick choreograph, which is crazyyyy hard. My hands hurt from holding the stick so tight for fear of it flying out of my hands. We also finished Friendship. This dance is really fun but it is just so fast paced. 

We all were totally exhausted after rehearsal tonight, and decided to just eat dinner in the park, since it was right there. We got to experience the park in its evening glory. Everything was all lit up and lovely.

As we are exiting the park, we see these creepy people that followed us in the road! It was halloween horror nights all over again!! It's not mickey's not so scary halloween over here. 
My favorite part of the day was when a lady stopped us in the park just simply for being "beautiful white girls"  and wanted to take a picture with us. This opened the door for a bunch of other people to do the same. We are gonna be pasted all over some random peoples scrapbooks in the Philippians now haaa. 

Sorry for the short post. I am literally so exhausted and have to be up to run 1.8 miles tomorrow (WAHHHHHH, crying so much!). Goodnight readers!



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