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make every day more and more magical

Warning: long post. sorry not sorry.

Being a princess definitely has its perks, however, being graceful all the time is just something that is not possible. When I am not tripping on my dress (and people in the front row giving me thumbs ups...), I am trying not to run into my monster/ have my toes stepped on, or (while it has not happened to me personally) dropping/chucking the flower across the stage. While it makes for some great stories, it is incredibly hard to cover with 1000 people watching...
If it was not for those 1000 people though, we would not get pretty pictures of Belle in the Golden Mickey's though...

I have to tell you, when i signed my contract, I was not aware that  2 months in to it I would still be having sticking issues. It is a very complicated thing to master because if you miss one move, you can't just jump back in to the choreography easily.Also, it is very easy to hit yourself or someone around you, or the worst, get caught in the curtain. I constantly am fighting to get this scene right because recently, my body has decided to get into the habit of just missing grabbing on to the stick for some of the turns. I practice the sticking at least once a day before warm ups to hopefully break that habit. 
But can we please just talk about how manly this boy looks??
On Tuesday, I had my adventure I was hoping for! I went to Tai O, which is about a 50 min bus ride all the way uphill. Tai O is a little fishing town, known for it's pink dolphin tours. Of course, it is all based on luck if you actually get to see them or not...which we did not ):
You get on this kind of sketchy looking boat, and ride around in a big circle hoping to see pink dolphins
Matthew likes to kid that he is going to sell me to the black market (not funny, especially since I just watched "Taken" again today..)and when I saw this boat, I almost believed that is where we were going, ha. Although we did not see any pink dolphins, we did see some fishermen (in their boat that reminded me of a pirates boat!)

 They had a giant net in the water, were playing steel drums, and beating the water trying the rear the fish it. It was quite a production to watch.
Tai O's market place consists of a looooot of dry seafood and smells quite like it too. 
yep that is dried fish head...yep people eat it.

It is a little less commercial here though and I really enjoyed it. Every house is made out of stilts and has a porch leading to the water. There are also about 45 million stray cats everywhere you look!!
mmmmmm goi
In the town, we even discovered a Kung Fu martial arts school!

We clearly quickly became masters. However, I can not say "no ninjas were harmed in the making of this collage", because as I climbed up the rock stairs (bottom right picture), I sliced my finger open and quickly became a baby.

But other than that minor set back...
hooray! I love Tai O! I will definitely be back (and hopefully more luck to see the pink dolphins for reals).

Meals this week included some experimenting with homemade french toast and beef enchiladas (holyyyy cow soo good).
(the white lumps are powdered sugar--)
Last night a big group of us went out to Elements Mall to see "Catching Fire". Aside from it being one of the nicest movie theaters I think I have ever been in, the movie was pretty amazing.
 After we all went out for dinner, where Katie and I literally destroyed this plate of nachos...sorry not sorry.
Today is Saturday and I had my alternative holiday, which is a fancy way of saying I had the day off for a holiday reason. It was the best morning ever. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Fresh Fish Trading School in Prince Edward. My first impression of how different schools in America are compared to the ones here goes as the following...
1. I walked in to the building right into the area with the kids. No office to sign in to..nothing.
2. Since it's Saturday, the kids are allowed to run around an play a little more than usual...so lots of noise and lots of running was happening around me.
3. I am terrifyingly intriguing to little kids in this district because they rarely see foreigners, let alone a blonde giant with bright colored eyes.
4.I am thoroughly amazed with how talented these kids are because when I first walked in, this is what I saw....
My task was basically to get to know the kids assigned to me in the 2nd grade class and help them with some fun english learning activities to help improve their english. Fair enough. I was assigned one child named Jason. Let's just say, when I first came in the room, he was of course the rowdiest one... awesome. I got him to calm down a bit (mostly cause I am sure he was scared of the blonde giant)and after getting him to focus and helping him through his english worksheets, I found out he was a big fan of puzzles. Great, I can do puzzles I thought. He brings one over, and it is this crazy weird ball 3-D puzzle thing. It was tricky. Basically you look for the numbers and just line them up...hard to explain. It became a game between Jason, Jacky, and I for them to ask me in english for the number, and I would ask in Cantonese. It was good practice for me too (Mandy, you would be proud!).
Of course we finally finished the ball and I was stoked...until the boys (as boys do)crushed it. I did however also have some little girls on the other side of me who were princess fans.
Princess Avis and Princess Heidi
I had no idea Princess Ariel would be showing up today!  (Heidi)
Kurt also helped me trick out my hands!
All in all, today was seriously a blast, and you can definitely count on me coming back!



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