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you are not stuck

So this week in China town I got my first real injury. During warm ups, I overstretched my right knee and strained a ligament. I had to go see our trainer Henry for a few days and improvise with some frozen corn as an ice bag at home.
some crazy icing contraption! it was soo cold

my frozen corn ice bag
It's been about a week now that this happened so it is much better now thankfully.Don't worry, I am still being cautious of it.

One night, a bunch of us went to Gold Coast for dinner at a Thai restaurant called Chili and Spice. My dish lived up to it's name because it was veryyyy spicy indeed.

We had dinner outside on the water in view of some giant yachts.

After we all went back and hung out at Brittany and Jesse's because Jesse made pumpkin pie!

When I got home, I got to skype with some of my favorites (:

Etta has started singing "beauty and the beast" and it is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever heard.

More from the kitchen....
made pancakes for the first time ever

grilled chicken, green beans, and au gratin potatoes
Also, I have to introduce you to the cloud roll (aka swill roll). They are so amazing and light that it makes you feel like you aren't even eating anything (which is dangerous cause then you can't stop eating it!)
On Monday morning I woke up (very very) early to go to dragon boat race training just to try it out. It was really fun and a great workout, but let me tell you, my arms are very sore.
Everyone was really nice and I am super glad I went. Team Mushu for the win!

When I got home on Monday, I had some time to go explore the park near by my apartment. It was incredibly peaceful.

wild bamboo!

because nothing says hong kong more than a statue of a duck?
And finally...yay for awkward faces!

Belle has been styling her hair differently since last week... and while it is beautiful, she says its hard to manage sometimes because it likes to get caught on things and make it challenging. 

I have my two days off this Tuesday and Wednesday. No plans on the schedule just yet, but I am sure I will have some sort of adventure to write about soon!

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