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it always seems impossible until it is done -nelson mandela

So this week we kick started December (in our 70 degree weather) by watching "Love Actually" and eating apple pie at Brittany and Jesses'. Due to limited amount of dish ware, I was the fortunate one to get to eat my apple pie out of a pot lid....which of course I was 100% ok with (hey, it's still apple pie)
Christmas is officially in full swing here in HK. I ventured out to the post office to deliver my gifts home, and on the way, discovered my long lost castle!
The post office was also the most annoying thing ever and I could hardly understand what was happening. The post office building itself is way different than the US. It is a tiny hole in the wall building with no space and a lot of people (actually, now that I type this, I am thinking that maybe it's not so different from the US after all, haha)

 This week, Sam's sisters and dad came to visit. It's always a little sad when someone has their family come, because I wish mine could be here too. We all went out to dinner in Lan Kwai Fong to meet them. There were a lot of us, so not everyone is in this picture...oops.
(front) me, brittany, hailey, chevy (behind) ivenise, pj, and georgia
On my Wednesday off, David (who is one of the "ape men/charmings" if you understand my code...) and I attempted to go hiking to Lion's Rock. I say attempted, because we never actually got there, ha. We ended up so lost and just sort of walking around Tsing Yi Trail. We saw some really cool things along the way though just chillin' in the forest.
Basically we ended up walking up a lot of stairs which would lead us to literally walk right back down the other side. It was getting hot and tiring and we both had just had enough.
Finally about 3 hours later, we came to one final staircase, which was probably the worst of them all.
I might as well have crawled up these stairs cause I was dying...
 but I climbed...

 and climbed...

 and climbed...
  and finally got about halfway there....

and stopped. I needed a little break. It was a rough climb. Alas, finally we got to the top, and the view was pretty awesome.
As usual, pictures do not do it justice. 

This week at GM we had a special treat arrive. We love our super fans (:
(hey! check out that cowgirl on right picture, left side, middle!)
This week was the Christmas Cabaret we have been rehearsing for. It was a fun treat to see everyone perform special talents from all over the Disney company. I sang with the choir a song called "We Can Be Kind" in tribute to the Philipines and the recent disaster there. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun...

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to have a solo and I am working on finding a video but currently there is one on my facebook if you are really anxious.

Yesterday one of our current princesses had her approval for the cat lady in Grizzly Gultch, and we went to go cheer her on.

Great show Miss Kitty! You were prrrrr-fect!(even with the brush fire happening on the hill and ash blowing everywhere...)

After the show, Hailey and I went and did a little holiday shopping with our employee discounts...
golden mickeys ears!!

ready for winter...
Well folks, I am off to work, however, I will leave you with this holiday greeting with love from the Jingle Belles. (:

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