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love your life

So as promised from my last post, here is the video from Christmas Cabaret. I am the 4th soloist in the blue tank top. 

This week I went to Harbor City (not to be confused with Harbor Plaza Resort where I live...cause I was confused at first) where they have lots of Disney Christmas decor in this little alley way type area.
I was fortunate enough to accidentally wander in to some extra volunteer work this week also. The first opportunity I had was to make ornaments for less fortunate folk and while on my way to make them discovered they were these intense origami creations that I had no chance at making.
Don't ask me why Santa has a mustache...I have no idea. Basically on my way to go make these I ran in to some GM people who recruited me to go sing carols with them for the people making the ornaments. It was a fun time, however, I felt a little silly cause I literally had no idea what was going on, haha. 

 This is Guo Dong (guo- like glow with out the L; goo-whoa). He is a dancer in GM and one of my favorite people! We call him Asian Harry Potter (you should see him with his glasses on). He and I and some other GM carolers sang a few Christmas songs for the ornament volunteers, where I watched in awe at them making those complicated santa ornaments. The caroling group asked me to join in on Saturday for their Disney VoluntEARS program at the library in Tung Chung which I agreed to since it gives me the chance to play with some adorable kiddos. It was a blast. I was recruited to be the emcee since Ivenise did not want to be and had to try and communicate with a room of 3 year olds in english..... ha. By the end of the day I also ended up with an impromptu solo and learning a dance on the MTR to perform with everyone. What can I say, I definitely was kept on my toes.
 The little girl above is named Bella, and she is Marie's, one of the Lion King dancers (who is currently preggo and working in the SM offices) little girl, and officially my new best friend. She is too precious.

What a great way to spend my morning off! After, Ivenise and I went to the store and got a gingerbread house (village) kit for everyone to work on at work. 

Despite our attempts to make it a contest, it was really a group effort on everyones part to design them... even though Mikki and I clearly won. We designed the house with the "golden mickey" on the front. I also dusted off the Christmas tree hiding in GM and after an hour of searching for something to use as a base ended with this lovely finished product...
I enjoyed decorating this tree so much, I decided to venture out on my day off to Sham Shui Po to get my own. The markets here remind me of giant garage sales where everyone is fighting over items and prices and stuff is just everywhere. I was getting very overwhelmed at times.
It is basically this over and over and over again, and stuff gets caught in your hair, and you can't move, and you can't breathe. Finally I ended up with my decorations and my tree and went home to watch "Elf", drink hot chocolate, and decorate. It is very likely this will never come down...

So I know my sister Hilary likes to read about the food, and this week I was feeling particularly creative.
top left: chicken de van, top right: steak and potatoes
bottom left: Tracy, who is from the Philippians made loompias like my aunt used to make for us! bottom right: cracker coated chicken

Now it all may not look/ sound the best, but all of these dishes seriously were a hit. 

This week, on a more serious note, I have been having a bit of a hard time. A young girl I knew from when I lived in Michigan lost her life to an aggressive form of cancer. Lauren was just 17 years old and had only recently found out about her illness. She was granted the wish by Make A Wish Foundation to go to Disney World in Orlando, however, returned home a few days after she arrived because she became very sick. Sunday afternoon between my shows, I ran (literally) around Disney HK park trying to get a video of every character I could sending a special message out to Lauren. I asked each fur character if they could show me their muscles or give a big hello to a lovely princess named Lauren. The princesses were all given a run down on Lauren's story and had a special message for her as well. If you did not get a chance to see it, here it is...


I apologize for the formatting it is in. As things took a turn for the worst, my goal was to just get the video up for her to see. Despite all the prayers, and hopes for a miracle, God had other plans for Princess Lauren. My prayers go out to her family and friends, as well as the Bedford community in this difficult time.As Lauren demonstrated for all of us, Love your life guys. 

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