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the best way to spread christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear

Sing Den Fye Low! Merry Christmas from Hong Kong! This week has been full of Christmas festivities. 

This week the weather got really yucky, and it was cold and rainy. Regardless, I went in to TST to check out a little cafe I stumbled upon called The Charlie Brown Cafe.
It was super cute and reminded me a lot of NYC.The Avenue of Stars is down the road a bit from there, so I went to go see what the fuss was all about. 
It was pouring, which sucked, however, it meant I was able to get my picture with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chans' stars (which is almost impossible on a sunny day since they are the only names people not from China recognize).

This week was our relook auditions, to be able to stay for another contract. It's nuts cause I feel like I just had my first audition not that long ago. My auditions began at 5:45am waking up for my dance call at 8am. That was rough. The dance audition was for the mermaids and the parade dancers who want to be in the shows at HKDL. I went to the audition to be looked at to possibly train as a mermaid sub. Later in the day, I found out due to costuming and budgeting challenges I am not sure if that would be possible. The dance combination was an older jazz style, and a little tricky. I am not a trained dancer by any means, but I did my best to keep up. After the dance audition, I had a 2 show day.

Right before my second show, they announced there were VIP's in the audience watching, which I found out later to be the casting team. The week before, I had written an email asking them to come see my shows since they had not yet, and relook auditions happening the following week, I wanted them to see me perform. I was fairly happy with my performance, regardless of how unbelievably nervous I was. 

After my two shows, I began to prepare for my vocal audition in an hour. I was exhausted at this point. I chose to sing "For the First Time in Forever" from Frozen (which I still have yet to see since it just came out here...) and it went pretty well. I got a chance to talk to the casting team to tell them I would be interested in staying. 
Someone told me I looked like Elle Woods that day...they had no idea they made my life after that comment. haha

Christmas is in full swing at Disney. Wednesday evening, the Lion King cast got to put on a special performance of their show, where everyone switched roles for the cast members only to see. It was hilarious and I will just leave it at that. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Disneyland hotel, and the decorations there are beautiful! 

This week was also the GM Christmas BBQ and it was amazing. You pay $100 HK (about $12 USA) for all you can eat. You go up to this counter and fill your plate with raw meat and veggies, then cook it all over a fire pit. 

I can honestly say this was one of the most fun things I have done while being here. The guy in the picture in the top left corners name is Andy, and he is one of my favorite monsters!

Christmas lights are not so common here, so I was kind of bummed about not getting to walk around and look at them. In the malls however, are some interesting decor choices...

My apartment is all ready though for the holidays. Santa even came to deliver my presents and everything!
Thanks to mom and my sisters, my tree has been trimmed with some special gifts to open on Christmas day. I also have been getting rather crafty with my days off. 

The top picture is my attempt at an Origami Santa, but it was way too hard, so I made the one on the right instead. Even my toes are ready for Christmas! Sam, Brittany, and I went and got mani-pedi's because it is so cheap here and they do a great job.

I have to keep my fingernails a light color because of my job, so they are hard to see, but my silver sparkly toes are ready for the new year!
This week I voluntEARed again singing, dancing, and storytelling along with some children. They are just so adorable, I love it. Don't judge too harshly because we did not have much warning or rehearsal about this song ha but here is Guo Dong and I singing A Whole New World at this event...
I am not sure if it is the Christmas spirit in me, or I am just tired of McDonalds, but I have been trying out a lot of new recipes this week (thanks pinterest).
Mike and I thought it would be a good a idea to have a skype date making Christmas cookies together. I attempted to make cake batter cookies in my toaster oven, accidentally burning the first batch pretty badly. He thought it was hilarious, because he could see the smoke and everything on the skype call. This week I also made homemade sloppy joes, chicken enchiladas,blueberry muffins, and a chicken and broccoli casserole. The bottom left corner is my attempt at making potato soup with dumplings, which turned in to one big sticky dumpling mess that I could not even eat.

I really went out of my comfort zone this week when I was invited to a Disney Airsoft Gun war. I went and was immediately terrified and almost backed out. I ended up manning up, and just hid behind other players on my team most of the game. At one point, I was on the pink team that gets to wear the banner, and I attached my purple bow to it so no one would hit me....haha....it did not work. Instead they would shoot me, then apologize, and ask if I was alright.
I ended up playing 3 rounds of the game before I even shot my gun, and was shot at. I had some nice welts the following day.

Christmas Eve Eve was a busy day for me. Disney has a program called Disney Performing Arts, where they bring in groups to sing at the park, so I went and watched this choir perform. They were great! It reminded me of my choir days and all my friends back home. The little bit of accent they had in their traditional Christmas carols made me chuckle. 

That evening, we all went out to celebrate Matthew's birthday and a little bit of a preholiday. It was a good time. However, we played darts, and I lost pretty bad. I also took a rather embarrassing spill in attempts to talk to Kei (bottom right) about calling a taxi to go home. Good times.

 And now, more embarrassing show pictures....

not now beast, talk to the hand

the prince is REALLY in love with Belle

And finally, I leave you with a Merry Christmas message from Hong Kong....

or.. the first take where we could not stop laughing...

Merry Christmas from both the naughty and the nice
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Hug your families tight, eat lots of food, and remember the real reason for the season.

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