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studies show people who have more birthdays live the longest

This is my first blog post as a 22 year old! Wahhhh... I officially feel old. 

I started the New Year off by exploring a temple not too far away from where I live. It was extremely peaceful and I rather enjoyed it. It even had a coy pond!
The stage managers at GM are some of my best friends here in Honkers. The team consists of Kate, Matthew, Evelyn, Marie (sorry Marie, but I totally count you as an SM), Helen, and Moon. Moon and Marie are pregnant and are about to go on maternity leave at any moment. Evelyn had her final week with us because she was promoted to productions team. I am very happy for her, but I already have been missing her. Some of the GM family went out to Outback Steakhouse (which is very much like the US one) for a farewell dinner for her.

Awhile back I passed an ice cream place that intrigued me, and this week, I finally went back and checked it out. You can only walk up to the window to order, there is no inside or seats. They call their ice cream "lab made" and it is made with nitrogen. The flavor options were bean curd tofu, creme brulee, caramel sea salt, and custard bun. I was a little worries after reading these, but I stuck to the creme brulee and it was delicious!
 After dessert, I found an extra dessert....a chocolate wall!
No it was not really edible...sadly. I had a lot of down time this week and got a little crafty with some tissue paper I had lying around.
My friend Ryan Williams that I went to Spring Arbor University with is out here as a youth pastor at a church sort of near by. This week I finally had the time off to go check it out. It was sort of a trek and I may or may not have been lost the whole way there and the whole way home, but it was a good time.I am hoping to find more time in my schedule to be able to go back.

The night before my birthday I celebrated with some of the locals by having a Chinese BBQ. I had some much fun with them and am incredibly grateful for their friendship.

(this ones for the locals...)

I had my actual birthday off and I spent the day at Ocean Park Theme Park. It was a lot of fun, except the weather was really chilly and I was not really prepared. Ocean Park is a lot like Sea World but more of a carnival feel. I was starting to feel a little sick by the end of the day from being jerked around on coasters (see? getting old.)I did however really enjoy the animal exhibits. We saw pandas, reptiles, and itty bitty baby monkeys that could fit into your hand. 

 Some of the park attractions are located on the main ground, but most of them are found by riding cable cars up to the top of this hillside. Almost all of the roller coasters hang off the edges of the cliff and over the water too, making them just a little more intense. I had the best birthday lunch ever though; a corn dog and Mcdonalds french fries! Oh yeah!

 I'm telling ya...Chinese Seaworld folks...
 They also had a pretty fountain and fireworks show that evening. It is the story of two dragons who don't get along, and the Earth Spirit convinces them to live in harmony. I kind of chuckled through the whole story line but the effects were pretty. 

After we got back to the city I had my favorite, breakfast for dinner at a 24 hour breakfast American diner called The Flying Pan.

When I got home after that night, Rachel surprised me with a cake and sang happy birthday to me! I think it was pretty safe to say it was a wonderful birthday. I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the well wishing and happy birthday messages. Special shout out to Hilary and Bridge who every year the last 5 years have made me a birthday song video. This year they outdid themselves...

I started school this week. I am currently a little overwhelmed with the homework load and finding quiet times to work on it but I think it will prove to be a really good decision in the long run.

This week show schedule has been brutal. Brittany has been sick so I have been doing lots of extra shows. Luckily the adorable kids in the audience keep reminding me of why I love my job so stinkin much.

This was one of the more recent shows, however, Belle was a little sick when this video was taken, so vocally it is her the best. 

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