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things i dont feel like doing today; moving.

Another week ticks by, and new Asian adventures have been completed. This week I tried a traditional style of food they eat here called hot pot. Technically, I tried the "fast food" style of hot pot, and not gonna lie, it was kind of weird. In the pot you cook all the food in this boiling hot soup, which I constantly burned myself on. The food inside is beef, mushrooms,crab, this cheese filled squishy bun thing, tofu, and some other strange things I am still not so sure of.

Checking hot pot off my list, I had to go visit more temples, of course.
They are very pretty, however, security is a little crazy, and could maybe use a chill pill.

Contract meetings have begun here in Hong Kong to see if people are staying another six months or not, and tension is a little high.Rachel, however, WILL be staying through the summer!!!! yayyy!! So naturally she and I, and Sam from Grizzly Gultch went out to celebrate at The Flying Pan and ice cream after.What a night that was.

My days off last week, Ivenise and I ventured down in to the court yard, and happened upon a small festival for children where they could learn about safety. It was kind of like the DARE programs but all in Chinese. We stuck around anyways and watched some of the kids do small hip hop performances, and a group that did sign language through a song, and that was pretty cool.

I checked out Temple Street Night Market, which is a lot like Mong Kok markets, but cooler cause it is at night! I tried bargaining in Cantonese and ended up getting things for extremely cheap because they did not expect it from me, since I am white. OH yeaaah!


Surrounding the night market is a lot of restaurants where they pretty much all but stick the live fish right on to your plate. Guess this applies to ginormous crabs as well.As for the thing that kind of looks like shaved pork, it is really shaved ice ice cream.

 I actually ended up going back to the night market again this week. Tina (David, one of the "jungle mans" girlfriends) is here in Honkers. She, Ivenise, and I all had a nice relaxing pampering day yesterday. We went to Browhaus to have our eyebrows done, then went to Cheung Wan to get mani/pedis, and ended the day at the night market. Needless to say, we kind of ventured all over Hong Kong, and I was exhausted. 
startin the day off right
David even met up with us later on at the nail salon. We tried to get him to get his nails done, but he was afraid Andy would like them too much, haha.
Ev and I found the tiniest water bottles, while david showed off his giant water bottle

kabobs in central for dinner
back at the night market
So if you thought Christmas shopping in America was bad, you should try shopping...actually, doing anything really, in China during Chinese New Year. It is insane. The park is festive as usual. Even good ol' Duffy Bear is sporting his kimono.

The hotel we live at also has decorated the lobby for the occasion.

I made a comment the other day about fortune cookies here, because you think you would see them in China right?? Wrong! They do not exist. America's perception of China is oh so very wrong.

 At work, instead of secret santa, we have secret angels. My secret angel left me a gift the other day.
I have left my secret angel a few things, but I can not tell you who it is just yet. This has been a nice break at work from the chaos. Brittany was on vacation this week, Noelle was sick, and now Katie injured her knee. My back has been bothering also, but I have been going to see a chiropractor. Princesses down. This week has also been a little nuts because some cast members are cross training, and we have two brand new cast members who already opened!

Hopefully we all can get it together soon, because MICHAEL COMES IN TEN DAYYYYYYS!!! AH!! I am very excited but there is a lot to do till then... like the homework that never ends :/

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