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today is the first blank page of a 365 page book...write a good one

I feel like I am a little holiday-ed out now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now New Years are all over. Don't get me wrong, they were all fantastic, but I am exhausted! 

So the Christmas update... needless to say, Christmas very different this year. I was actually ok with going in to work on Christmas day because I got to spend some time with my GM family and not alone. Rachel (one of the face characters) and I after my shows played in the park, which was incredibly busy, for a bit to spread some Christmas cheer.
That evening, she and I ordered pizza and watched the Grinch. It was a pretty good time. At around 1am I got to skype with my family while we all opened Christmas gifts. I was really excited about the advil, computer paper, and muffin tin I asked for, haha.These two, however, are killing me with how fast they are growing up....

This week I also finally made it out to see Frozen, and I loved every minute of it! I have been listening to the soundtrack so it took a lot of effort not to sing along in the actual movie. Here in HK you have to see it in 3-D  but I actually really enjoyed it that way (and I am not usually one for 3-D).

Last Saturday was my last day for voluntEARS. I was so exhausted and felt like I was starting to get sick, however, I pushed through to deal with some very ....spirited boys.
That evening, the expat gang decided to all go ice skating at the mall. I love ice skating, and it was a whole lot of fun.

I also really like to spin.... and at one point totally ate it because I was showing off... and I have a nice little bruise on my entire hip now to prove it.

Three days after Christmas is my beautiful mom, Karen's, birthday. My family had a little celebration for her and since I could not be there, Ailey came up with an alternative solution..
It says "Happy Birthday from honcon (hong kong)". She also made one from Michigan for my sister Hilary and Bridge. She is the sweetest. Happy Birthday Mama!

So New Years Eve in Honkers in no joke. It really is awesome, and I am almost a little worried about the Chinese New Year now cause they say it is so much better. After work yesterday, I ventured out to TST to Victoria Harbor where the big countdown sign is. This literally is the equivalent to being in Times Square on New Years Eve in America. There were hundreds of thousands of people around me at all times and I could barely move. It was crazy.
I was there at around 10:30pm or so and an hour before countdown, they would shoot off the "shooting stars" fireworks every 15 minutes.

All day I practiced counting down backwards in Cantonese and when the time came, I was so excited I could hardly remember how to count in English!

This video pretty much sums up what you had to do to be in the middle of all the action though....
Waddle and shuffle to get to a spot to countdown, and then waddle and shuffle back to the MTR station along with everyone else and try to catch a train and ride like a sardine home.It was one of those things you really have to just be there to see.It was pretty amazing and honestly one of the coolest New Years.

Belle also would like to wish you all a "Sun Lynn Fie Lok", a very happy new year.

ps-- 9 days till my birthday!! (:

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