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Hakuna MACAU-ta

Since Mike was visiting for Valentines Day, we decided to take a small day trip over to a close by area known as Macau (pronounced ma-cow).Let me just explain real quick that Macau is like the Asian version of Las Vegas.

After working an AM shift on Feb 13, we bought our Ferry tickets for the 4:30pm hour long journey.

The weather was terrible and our ferry had maybe 15 other people on it total. All I remember on the trip there was feeling a little sea sick, and then falling asleep and Mike waking me up telling me we arrived.

We arrived in Taipei and then pretty much had no idea what to do at first. We of course had to go through customs and all that unpleasantness and then from there we just saw a line of buses that take you to different hotels. 

The hotel we were staying at was not one of the big ones everyone gambles at, it was called Taipei Square Hotel. We eventually got on the bus to City of Dreams hotel (made up of Hard Rock, Crown Palace, and Grand Hyatt hotels)and wandered around trying to figure out where to exchange our Hong Kong dollars for Macau money. After a few places told us we could not exchange our money we figured out that it is because Macau accepts Hong Kong dollars. We then attempted to make our way to our hotel. We saw on our map that it was about 2 miles away and thought maybe we could walk it. Thank goodness it was freezing out and we decided to take a taxi because that 2 miles would have taken probably an hour at least to get to. When we got to our hotel, of course, the instrumental version of beauty and the beast was playing in the lobby. It was a nice place to stay though....
Four Faced Buddha right outside our hotel
The one minor issue we had was our room was FREEEEEEZING! I am talking the arctic circle here. Like...it was 7 degrees celsius outside and I think it was like 5 in our room. Mike had to go ask how to turn the heat on and of course the answer was there is no heat.....yay. 

The first night we dropped off our belongings and headed out to find some dinner. Not thinking I would still need any form of id, I did not take my passport with me...mistake. Every hotel we went to had a casino smack dab in the middle of it and we had to show how old we were to cross through it, so we ended up having to do a lot of walking around the long ways.

The first hotel we started at was the Venetian Hotel. It was an Italian themed hotel and very beautiful, defiantly one of my favorites. 

They had ICE (an ice playground with the characters of Dreamworks) like they have at the Gaylord in Florida happening, and every time we would try to go it did not end up happening. Instead, we took a lovely Gondola ride with our new pal, Ruggerio (the captain). He sang to us and everything! It was truly like being in Venice.

When we left the Venetian to head to other hotels, they had a light show going on outside their building next to their outdoor ice rink.
We found some other cool decorations while visiting the Sands Hotel and the Galaxy (which we had a nice view of from our hotel window). 
When we got back to the hotel, we noticed a new addition to the room....

yay space heater!! Guess the hotel staff understood our complaints. 

The next day we got ready for our long day of adventure. We took a cab over to Macau Peninsula and saw some pretty landmarks on the way.
Macau Tower 
Grand Lisbo Hotel
 We started our day off in Sonada Square, which was like a little European style looking village, however, it was decorated for Chinese New Year.
We followed the signs to the Ruins of St. Paul, but were distracted by a little bakery on the way...
The ruins were beautiful though and were one of my favorite things about this trip. The story goes that there was a fire in the church in the 1600's and the only thing remaining was this front facade of the building, which is still standing today.
What used to be in the interior of the church is now a museum and where the human bones of the martyred remain...
After making a return to the bakery again (oops, sorry not sorry), we headed to the Guia Fort and lighthouse. This used to be tunnels for WW2, however, there was not much action there.
There was also these bushes that looked like a dragon which I rather enjoyed (:
The view from a top the fort was pretty stellar though....

After we came down from the hilltop, we went looking on our own for the Grand Prix Museum but instead stumbled upon the Orient Arch and Golden Lotus (where in both spots it was incredibly hard to see because of the sun to take a picture)...
We did finally locate the Grand Prix Museum which was also connected to the Wine Museum.Not going to lie, I was glad admission was free because I found both museums extremely boring, but Mike really enjoyed looking at the cars.
Across the street was Fisherman's Wharf. This random little pier has a Colosseum replica, and then next door looks like New Orleans, and after that a little bit of where Aladdin might live, all of it blasting traditional Chinese music. It is a little confusing.

From here, we went to Hac Sic Beach on Colone because it is a black sand beach, which turned out to be less awesome than we thought....
The most expensive (yet worth it) part of our trip was seeing "House of the Dancing Water". This is one of the main reasons people come to Macau, and I can completely understand why. I am still in awe. The show is very much like Cirque Soleil with set pieces that come in and out of the floor, which is sometimes a pool of water, and sometimes a motorcycle track. It is amazing! 
Since we were in the City of Dreams and basically Las Vegas, Mike and I decided we had to gamble at least once, because why not. This turned in to quite the experience sine neither of us had been in a casino before, ha. We wandered around the casino for maybe 15 minutes trying to watch what other people did, haha.
I ended up losing $50 HKD (like $7 USD) on this slot machine.
It was really rather disheartening. What was even worse, was when Mike gave me a second chance and I blew all $20 HKD ($3USD) by accidentally pushing the all in button, since I didn't know what it meant (it was flashing! It caught my attention). Mike lucked out though, and ended up doubling his $20 to $40.

After cashing in (cashing out? ...not sure of the correct term here.. ha), we headed back to the ferry and took the 9:30pm back to Hong Kong, where this time Mike passed out.

It was a really great trip and I am glad we were able to cram so much in in one day.

Till next time Macau!

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