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my entire life is summed up in this sentence; it didn't go as planned, and thats ok.

This week has not been too busy, but I felt like I needed to do one last blog post before Mike and I head out on vacation, so when I come back I can just write about our adventure there. Speaking of vacation, we have what we call "dark days" at work which basically means there is no show for 2 weeks while the theatre gets some handy work done, and provides rehearsal time for the new cast coming in. Because of dark days, we get a whole week off.I know most of you have already heard since Michael spilled the beans, but on Monday (2 days! thank goodness) Mike and I will be heading out to Phuket, Thailand! I am so so excited. It will be about a three and a half hour journey. We take off at 10:25am so that puts us there at about one in the afternoon on Monday. We will be there till Friday and not sure what the whole communication thing will look like over there, so be patient...I will be posting pictures of white sand and turquoise water as soon as I can, haha.

So it is a little weird at work right now because realistically, if I would have stuck with my original contract, I would be heading home for good on Monday. We have 3 mermaids who are leaving us, 1 princess, and 1 jungle man and the whole mood just feels strange. I am having odd flashbacks to when we all first got here and got to know each other...
Noelle (checkered dress), Sam (in the hat), and Hailey (shorts, back to back with Sam)are some of the girls that will be leaving shortly. Sam and I had our last show together Thursday, which was really sad, especially since we had our opening show together. Sunday is the last day of shows before dark days, and I have the privilege of having shows with some of the leaving cast. It is probably going to be a pretty emotional time, and I can't say I am looking forward to it. Before the emotion kicks in however, here is one of Belles' more recent vocal performances...


On the plus side, this week, since Ivenise and I are some of the new cast who are staying, we became official Hong Kong residents and received our Hong Kong I.D. cards. Candy took us to had to go the immigration building and helped guide us through all the normal issues you have when you go to governmental buildings.But yay! I am officially a Honkee. 
I also got another government issued card this week...my library card! The library is only 3 lightrail stops away and has a whole floor dedicated to books written in English. I am very excited to be spending more time there reading and doing homework.

So this week in the adventure book with Michael, my favorite place we visited was Man Mo Temple. The temple is located in Sheung Wan. It is covered in these giant incense rings and though they smell rather strong, they are really cool looking.

After we saw the temple we checked out more of Sheung Wan like Cat Street Antiques, the Western Market and found edible birds nests. 

We also just so happened to be close to 85 South (the amazing BBQ place here) and HAD to stop by for dinner.
Sticking to the topic of eating, (you are welcome Emily), Mike has gotten in to this new thing of eating ice cream cones from McDonalds (which are 30 cents here!) like a space ship...
Kid is a weirdo and I often pretend not to know him when he does this...

Also, I had my first hot dog in about 6 months and it was rather disheartening when it was not all that great.
So luckily there is a Pizza Hut right downstairs whenever I want my pizza fix, however, Pizza Hut here is very upscale and fancy. It is probably equivalent to an Olive Garden back home. It makes me laugh. Regardless, Mike and I went on a date one night to Pizza Hut. We even got dressed up and everything.

Awhile back, Mike and my friend Ryan (Williams, from SAU) went on a hike in search of the WWII tunnels found in some of the hills here but never found them. They since did some more research and went back and were able to find them. They also found another little treat called City Walk. This immediately made me think of Florida so we went back one day to eat dinner and have a look around.
It is just another mall, however, they had an awesome grocery store called 759 that I will defiantly be coming back to visit. When we got home that night, a little birdie brought over some Godiva chocolate to share to make up for the night we tried and failed to get some in Tuen Mun.

(Thanks Rach, even though that is still all he ever talks about now...)
Mike has also made another friend here in the gym named Ivan. Ivan introduced us to this famous Chinese Teahouse not too far away from where I live. We had pineapple buns, corn beef and cheese sandwiches, milk tea, and peanut butter with condensed milk toast. It was delicious, the amazing owner checked in on us every 5 minutes, needless to say, I will defiantly come back.
Ivan and his girlfriend Mavis also came to Disney with us this week. We had a blast!I also got to visit some friends out in Grizzly Gultch and at the castle.

And yes, this is so corny and I am sure everyone has seen it by now but Mike and I took this picture in Orlando over half a year ago, so we had to repeat it here in HK.
Rounding this weeks' adventures out, Mike and I finally got a chance to head down to the wetlands park only a few minutes walk away. It was actually really beautiful, even though the weather outside was not. Unfortunately, we had to cut our trip short because I was really not feeling well. 

Hopefully I am feeling better by tomorrow for my last day of work before heading out to Thailand. I have been taking a Z pack so I feel like it is slowly working itself out. Now I just have some homework to finish and then we take off! Later Hong Kong!

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