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to travel is to evolve

So Mike has been here a little over a month now, and I think it is safe to say we have ticked off about 90% of our "hong kong to do" list. This week Mike got to try Triple O's. It is a pretty good burger joint that makes a mean strawberry milkshake.
this picture was right before I told Mike it was Canadian (he's a hockey buff so not a fan of good ol Canada)

After dinner, we headed across the mall to the ice skating rink at Elements mall, where we realized this was our first time actually ice skating together, not the way it was when we did Solar Bears when we met.
There is a store in this mall called Broadway (kind of like Best Buy) and we decided to be corn balls and take this picture...
 Look mom! I'm "on Broadway"-ha...haha...no? ok, fine.
How about instead, one night we went on an adventure to Causeway Bay where there is a mall called Times Square located?
Let me tell you, it is nothing like Times Square, but checked that off the list. That night we also found the Chipotle of HK. It is more pricey and not as good/ portions are not as large...but when you have not had Chipotle in 6 months, it tastes pretty darn good! 

That night I let Mike pick dessert, and of course we got ice cream from one of the many Mister Softee trucks around...

Getting in to the real touristy stuff, Mike and I went to Chi Lin Nunnery (where I have already been so I will spare you the details).
We also checked out one of the other big touristy sites with Tina, the peak!
Unfortunately this time it was way cloudier than the last time we went, but it was still very pretty, and we took the long scenic route, so I got to see new things I missed before.

But seriously, look at this beautiful waterfall and awesome tree. Then we crammed back on the peak tram and headed back down...
When we got back down, Mike and I had some of thee best BBQ ever. We found this little hidden gem called 85 South, and it is totally right up there with 4 Rivers. So good we almost went back and got more that night...sorry not sorry.
A few days ago, Mike and I met up with Rachel to go to dinner and explore Tuen Mun, which is a town pretty close by. Pretty much the entire night all Rachel and Mike talked about was getting Godiva chocolate, and as we went to get it, the store had already closed. I also chuckled when I realized this was pretty much the only picture I had from that evening...
We made up for it later though when we went to Kwi Fong market mall and got a lot of candy from the really awesome and convenient candy stores here.

I feel better about eating that entire bag now because Mike has drug me to the gym more than once this week. I have been so sore though because of it...

I do prefer the gym over my homework sessions, however. I dropped my Human Resources class this week for two reasons. One, between HR and Composition 2, my homework load was so overwhelming, I barely had time to do it all. The second reason is I changed my concentration from HR and no longer needed the course. Thankfully, this will not effect my financial aid, but I also feel a little less stressed out...most of the time anyway.

So of course I have gotten in my park time this week. Ivenise and I went to Toy Story Land to get a churro and Dole whip (while it lasts).
And last but not least, thanks to Emi and her son for the superfan pictures this week! Belle got a new type of skirt and she has been working through a lot of the kinks in it, trying not to fall (which of course she would not do cause she is a princess right?!).

This cowgirls partner in crime goes by the name Song, and he is one of her best pals!

I am not sure why this soldier looks thoroughly annoyed, but this picture cracks me up.

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