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in dreams i meet you in long conversation. we both wake in different cities

Wow it has been like a month since I have written anything. I am blaming my psychology class, cause it is kicking my butt right now with homework assignments. When I am not doing homework, I am either working, or watching my 7th episode of New Girl for the day (I am slightly addicted). 

So, to catch up... rehearsals have been over for almost two weeks now, and the show is back up and running.On the last day of rehearsals we had the ceremonial cutting of the pig (I have no idea either...)and some fun team building games.

This is my family. Everyone from cast to dressers to casting team to tech guys. Without them, this show would not run. 
The newbies are no longer newbies and totally know what they are doing now. Other than Aj's first show with his wig flying off as the wild man during the spinning on the rope (which was actually hilarious and Aj was totally professional about the ordeal, so props to him), the rest of the first shows were smooth sailing.Here are some of the latest in photo land thanks to some super dooper super fans, Emi and Ryo. Thanks guys!

Belle just finds this place really magical...
This week was Easter, but I did not have the day off, and actually it is not a big celebrated holiday here.In fact, in celebration of the holiday, I went to the pool.

I was visited by the Easter bunny though, and I can honestly say those little candies brought me the Easter joy I needed. I have also tried a few other local candies here in Hong Kong that I think every single person needs to taste in their lifetime because they are amazing. The first is green tea kit kats. Holy cow, folks. These things ain't playing. They are incredible. I can't even describe them. Don't worry, I am bringing bags of them home with me when I come visit (IN A MONTH!!). The other kind of interesting flavored kit kat they have here does not even have a name in English that I can read, but I think it is like a baked pudding flavor? So the basic concept is the Japanese came up with a kit kat where you bake it in the oven for 2 minutes then eat it while it is hot. Personally, I thought it tasted like a white chocolate melted kit kat. 

Whenever I am feeling social (which is really rare these days) I find myself going out to eat with my friends Mavis and Ivan. It is really hard not having Mike be able to come along too but I enjoy my time with them, and they show me lots of new things. One night we all went for Japanese Ramen (one of my favorites) and they took me to a famous place called something like Universal Noodle. 
This is what I had...normal colored and delicious
And this scary looking thing is what Mavis had...not ok. she said it was great though
This place is world famous. Keanu Reeves has even visited before. If only I had been here two years prior..sigh

Another special treat Mavis introduced me to was rice noodles. They basically taste like really long pieces of rice but they are quite tasty.

Sticking to the topic of food, I just need to point out that I made some super awesome homemade fried rice with chicken because I had been craving it since we got back from Thailand.

Not only was it Easter this week, but it was also some of my favorite little girls birthdays! Ailey turned 8 and Etta turned 3 this week. This is such a crazy concept to me because I feel like they were just born. I did get to skype with them on their birthdays and at their Frozen birthday party. Even though I am still bitter I did not get to pin the nose on Olaf, I enjoyed getting to see them open their gifts. 
I also had a few friends here in Hong Kong that wanted to wish them a very magical birthday...
They are not the only skype dates I have had in the last month. My little rockstar , Jayne and I got to talk recently. It was such a nice reminder of my friends back home, and I can not wait to have target runs with her when I go home!(did I mention that was in a month?!)

Also, on Easter I got to have breakfast with the Breske's (at 11pm my time...) and help them look for the infamous Easter basket. Mike and I failed and lost miserably. 

Jasmine and I got some good quality time in the park recently, and I think I can honestly say I am a little over it. The park here is quite small and I have gone on every ride at least once now. I think it might be time to put the park time to rest for a bit and enjoy it again when the magic is a little more fresh. It is not that I don't love it, I just need a little break.

watching the parade
confetti cannon attack after the Golden Mickeys
I apologize for the lack of excitement this last month but don't worry I get to go HOME in a month for a bit (did I already mention that??) and I am sure I will have plenty to catch up on then...till then....

peace out from Hong Kong!

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