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a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch itself but on her own wings. always believe in yourself.

Wow! An somehow, yet another month has past before my eyes with no blogging! Well, on a positive note, I finished my psychology class. I have also somehow managed to finish all three seasons of New Girl...oops. So, happy psych is over, however, I have now started math...which is not my best subject. So how about to cheer me up, we talk about my favorite thing...food!

I have made some new treats this month that were super great, and some not so great.
The best thing is I made ever is this very delicious homemade bacon and onion pizza.
How I managed to make pizza and burn noodles... I will never know...
This last month I also visit 85 South for the third (and not last) time since I have been in HK.
I stumbled upon a place called Pepper Steak where the food they give you is half cooked, but the plate is like a hot stone and cooks as you eat it. Sooo good.

I also tried a few other local delicacies like Hong Kong style french toast.
 If you take two pieces of french toast, put peanut butter in the middle, and deep fry it, it becomes HK french toast...and may or may not give you a heart attack. So good though.

I had a really fun time checking out real authentic hot pot with some of my coworkers this month as well.I tried these egg custard buns that everyone raves about, but I was not really so much a fan.  

In Hong Kong they celebrate Vesak Day, or Buddha's birthday by eating a lot of food at festivals. Matthew, Jasmin, and I got to check one out, before the rain caught up to us.We tried some really yummy street food like steak and onions,potato sticks, frozen strawberry skewers, bubble waffles, and some form of weird jello inside of an Easter egg. 

So for whatever reason, the last like week and a half it has been EVERYONE'S birthday. Of course lots of birthday celebrations and dinners were involved.Happy birthday to.....

Kelsey (dinner at an Italian place..mmm..)

 Rachel..(dinner at Walts Cafe at the Disneyland Hotel)

and Jasmin....may or may not have done this
And they continue this week as well (happy birthday tina and tiffany). 

Between all these birthday celebrations, there is little time for down time, but alas, I have found it.For approximately the last month, it has rained literally every single day except maybe twice, and on those days, I was at the pool.

I met a super sweet family at the pool too that were visiting from France. Long story short, I ended up getting them in to the park and they left me a giant box of chocolates, it was very sweet (both figuratively and literally). 

I also have watched way too many movies this last month, but Jasmin, Aleisha, Ivenise, and I at least watch them the right way...in a blanket fort, oh yeah!
 I got to skype with some familiar faces this month....but what is even better is I get to see these familiar faces in person in less than a week!!

 One of my absolutely favorite activities in Hong Kong is getting the chance to hang out with kids. I volunteered at a school in Jordan helping these first graders out with their math (which was all written in Chinese...) and some language skills.
 My favorite volunteering experience ever was this past Saturday though at a preschool in Olympic. The children were 3-5 years old and very cute. We colored Mother's Day cards and sang english songs that I actually knew. I also got to wear these super cool shoe cozies. 

So one week from today I will be on a plane heading back to Orlando for a little visit. For anyone in Orlando who wants to hang out, I will be at Universal Saturday May 24 and Disney (Epcot) Sunday May 25. I have stuff to do for my sisters wedding Thursday May 29 and the actual wedding Saturday May 31, but I have some open spots so shoot me a message. It sounds silly but I am seriously so excited for Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, and target runs.I have already begun the packing process and it is not looking promising. See ya soon Orlando!!

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