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i made it from my bed to the couch...there is no stopping me now.

I have been non stop since coming back to Hong Kong but this week I was forced to slow down a bit. I just got home from the doctor where he told me I have an upper respiratory infection. This timing is not so great, so I am hoping it disappears quickly. Anyways, lets rewind over the last three or so weeks....

So first of all, missing my family a bit, but I have gotten to skype with them since coming back. The wedding pictures turned out great.

While I was home I was able to do a Disney audition, and about a week after that audition I received an email with some pretty exciting news. Even though I was approved to swim with a new mermaid friend when I get home, I still need to wait till October to see if there will be any openings....fingers crossed! It would be a huge relief to go back to Orlando with a job. I had also had a few call backs for Beauty and the Beast International Tour with Networks, but I have not heard back from them since my last reading so I have a feeling that is done for now, but still, how cool would that have been!?

I think it was a day or two after I got back to Honkers, we had our reaudition to extend our contracts. I sang "For a Moment" from the Little Mermaid 2 and it was fine. The casting director asked me about the opportunity to possibly do a face character and as much as I would love to I can not stay here another contract. I absolutely love it here, and Hong Kong is my home, but I think now is the time to go home for a bit and maybe one day I will come back. So I have officially decided I will be coming home to Orlando when this contract is up around October 11. 

So I realized forever ago I promised pictures of my apartment once I got around to decorating it, and I guess now is about as good as it is gonna get. So here is my home....
 Aside from learning to speak Cantonese, I have been working a little (very little) bit in writing with the Chinese symbols. It is extremely difficult because 1. I am by no means an artist 2. there are specific ways that the symbols are suppose to be written called dictation (you can not simply just draw a square, you draw the left line down first, the connect the top to the right side, and finally the bottom line is drawn) and 3. it is hard to remember what each symbol means. What I have really focused on learning is "I am Cassidy" (which is shown below)....

So some really random pictures are about to happen and I am just gonna bullet point the basic facts about them because it has been so long since I wrote....
stopped by my favorite, 85 South...for the 3? 4? time...I am losing count.. it is too good.

had a Mexican Fiesta with Rachel one evening

attempted to make my moms cookie recipe in a toaster oven...the bottoms were burnt and they were tiny but delcious

found the puppy stores in Mong Kok and almost took every single one of them home with me

this was suppose to taste like southern sweet tea....instead it was like liquid graham crackers #fail

I FINALLY found sweet and sour chicken and it was everything I had ever dreamed it would be
some of the buildings here are really quite awesome, especially when you just happen upon it 

There was a U.S. Navy ship docked in HK for about a week and we passed it every day on the way to work. It was like looking at a real live version of the game battleship everyday

went to an interactive museum where it is completely dark and you get a walking stick and have to feel your way around as if you were blind and learn about blind life in HK. very moving. 
A friend of mine, Annabelle, messaged me awhile ago about joining her and some of her friends for squid fishing at night on a boat. It was one of the best things I have done here in HK. It was so much fun.
Annabelle and I 

made some new friends

squid fishing
In order to fish for squid, they hang these big giant lamps off the edge of the boat, then you just have to throw some fishing wire with hooks on the end into the water at night and then bob it up and down. I ended up catching one squid the entire night but as I pulled it up, it fell off my hook ): The girls also taught me how to play mahjong which is a very traditional Chinese game, and also really complicated. I somehow managed to win my first round though! There was also Chinese karaoke being sung on the ship too, but I decided maybe not this time.

bucket of squid all the people on the boat caught

although I did not actually eat the squid, some of the people on the boat with me did...

The evening after squid fishing, some of the GM family got together and had pizza and just hung out. This was my first time visiting Pom Mei, which is where the Filipino performers live. 

One of my favorite people here in HK, and track mates, Kathleen, had to leave this week to go home. She has not been feeling so great since she got here, and it is a hard adjustment so she made the difficult decision to head back to Ohio. It was really hard to see her leave but I cherish the memories I had with her, especially this week. 
We had a little going away dinner for her at an American restaurant, so naturally I got a cheeseburger!

princesses and mermaids

everyone squeezing in the willy wonka elevator 

my two favorite little mermaids
the 4 princesses
Before Kathleen's flight, Jasmin and I woke up early to send her off. Sad day!!

On a happier note, I have officially paid off all my student loans and I am officially debt free!! What an absolute blessing.

I am so happy I could dance! And in fact, I did dance! Jasmin, Janessa, Ivenise, and I had a little too much sugar one evening and decided to record one of the warm up routines Sang Sang had taught us (and we could not get that catchy song out of our heads!)

Finally, as usual, our amazing super fans take the best photos, and I want to share some....

Thanks for the wonderful pictures guys! GM loves you!

Last but not least, here is the link to one of the more recent shows of the scenes you can find a familiar face in....

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