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if you don't know where you want to go, then it doesn't matter which path you take

Well...I'm alive. That is about all I can say about how I feel right now. I arrived back in Hong Kong at about midnight Monday evening and I have never felt so exhausted. I apologize in advance for this blog post because it is probably going to be rather lengthy. Let me first recap some activities I did in Hong Kong before I left and then I will get into my visit to Orlando. 

So Sunday has become McDonalds and a movie night in my room. This episode was the movie "What's Your Number" (good pick Felix) and it was a good evening had by all. 

The next night, Jasmin, Ivenise and I made the box of angel food cake I had sitting around for forever, and we got a little creative with food coloring.

They are such weirdos, but I lurve them. We also learned that a special guest had come to HKDL without anyone even knowing, but that was probably a good thing cause all the girls would have stalked him in the park...John Stamos everybody!
One big adventure I went on before I left was to Chang Cheu Island. It is about an hour by ferry and it is very well known for its' food (so naturally I had to visit).

statue of what I am eating in the picture below

it was starting to rain, but this was the best potato on a stick thing ever!

Finally, the night before I left, I finished my last shows and packed up my bags. Jasmin, Kathleen, and I had a movie night and watched "13 going on 30" and ate pancakes (naturally in the shape of Mickey Mouse).

I had to wake up to go to the airport by 4am, but I had the worlds coolest taxi driver (named Tank!) and he chatted my ear off keeping me awake. When I got to the airport I was suppose to meet up with Guodong who was also at the airport early that morning for breakfast, but sadly he was running a bit late and we didn't get the chance. As I was rushing to my gate I ran into a girl who went to Spring Arbor University and we ended up being on the same flight to Tokyo (SMALL WORLD!). The flight was long and boring and I watched a million movies. I also took secret missions from my secret agent sisters that included taking a selfie with the person next to me, disco-ing up and down the aisle, and writing a poem about my trip. The stop in Tokyo was kind of cool just to be able to see a small culture difference but there was not much to see there.

Total flight time was 22 hours and I flew Hong Kong to Tokyo, Tokyo to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Orlando. When I landed in Atlanta, I had a bit of culture shock to say the least. I was a bit confused when everyone around me was white and speaking English. It sounds silly but it was so true. Luckily the flight to Orlando was only an hour cause I was getting anxious to just be there. When I finallyyyyy arrived in Orlando, I ran to my mom at the gate where we both got a little misty eyed. We grabbed my first fast food craving, chick fil a, and had to wait for my lost luggage. We also watched one of the woman from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" stop and take pictures with a bunch of people while her children almost were carried off by the luggage conveyer belt....but that is a whole 'nother story.
After chick fil a we headed to my sisters to see my family and my nieces. It was a very happy reunion that included some tears but mostly because I was so excited to have American food again.

 I actually fell asleep very easily this night, but had to wake up pretty early the next day to go to Universal. I was so excited I got to see so many familiar faces.
Bob in the top left and Kristen in the bottom left
a little taste of HK in Orlando 
Mardi Gra Parade, more HK
Watching the Mardi Gra parade (where they literally chuck beads at your face!) and eating beignets
And a few more that I didn't get to take pictures with like Victoria,Vanessa, Taryn, Kayleigh, Benny, and especially Jayne!! (What the heck, Jayne?! Why didn't we get a picture??! ha). All in all, it was a really great, extremely hot, and exhausting day. The next day, the entire family got to go to Disney World's Epcot for a little adventure.

resisting the urge to say "Wai?" on the phone in Canada

Ate lunch in France 

also saw a familiar face...

Japan had a lot of familiar snacks which was the best of both worlds
hey look! everyone came and visited me in china!

I also taught etta a chinese phrase which she said the ENTIRE time I was home (chi sin la, meaning you crazy)
it started pouring outside so we retreated indoors to Etta's fav ride of the day in Mexico

I was soo tired by the end of the day, and still very jet lagged but luckily I was not alone. 
 These two littles got to have a sleep over on Sunday night before we went and picked up my grandmother from the airport.It was really good to see her again, and Etta kept telling us how she came down the alligator (escalator). We celebrated by going to taco bell! (another fast food on my list I needed).

 The rest of the family came over where we went swimming and had Skyline chili.
The next day was Tuesday and we had some errands to run but luckily they included Target and Jeremiah's ice cream!

The rest of the day was homework with Mike because I had a lot to catch up on. I honestly can not remember what even happened on Wednesday, and I didn't take any pictures, so I am guessing it was more of just hanging out time. Thursday was a busier day where I had my first real driving experience. I went to work with my mom at like 6 am and dropped her off at Universal. I then drove the car to my Disney audition where I literally had to stop for a minute because I couldn't remember which side of the road to drive on. I got to the face call for Disney World and had a pretty swell time. I can't say much about it other than I was the last person to leave at the end of the day and I got to test out two new friends. One really enjoys swimming and the other sledding. After a very long morning, I headed back to Universal to pick up my mom and got to hang out with a few friends again while waiting on her. After, we drove out to the wedding venue for the wedding rehearsal.
during this time etta came running down the aisle asking if she got a treat. it was hilarious

me and my favorite little bridesmaid
After the rehearsal we went to Tijuana Flats for Mexican dinner, yum! Friday was reserved for getting wedding details finished. I ended up doing some math homework, and running Etta to swim lessons. She is doing so well!
That night my handsome Michael and I went on a date to Olive Garden. It was delicious and I enjoyed every noodle. Finally, the wedding day was here! Saturday started off very wet and rainy, but thankfully around 2pm the rain stopped so we could set everything up for the 5pm ceremony. After the rain cleared, the weather was nice and cool for the ceremony, but got a little muggier during the reception. The day was a lot of fun, and perfect for Bethany and Logan. 

giant glowsticks when it got darker+merry go round= best time ever

there were 5 photo spots all with a touch of things B and Logan enjoy
top left= nerd love (zelda and harry potter)
top right= football (dolphins and giants)
bottom left= driveway nights
bottom middle= music
bottom right= camping (thats my second cousin Maddy in the tent) 
hilary and bridge are in Africa and couldn't join us, but we had their photo to carry around
etta girl was also having the time of her life. She danced the entire night (when she wasn't eating one of my moms cupcakes). These pictures are just the ones I was able to capture on my phone. Once the real ones are edited and uploaded, I will share those as well. After the wedding was over, reality that I was going home the next morning began to set in. We cleaned up and I sat with my nieces on the stage squeezing in as many hugs as I could get before we had to say goodbye. I said see you soon to my family, and headed to Mike's where I then said the same to his family. The next morning I was all packed and ready to go. I hugged my mom and grandmother and said so long to the house. Mike and I stopped for one more American treat on the way to the airport, McDonalds breakfast. It felt like I was leaving for the first time all over again.
 With a heavy heart, I said bye to Mike and Orlando, and climbed aboard the airplane, where I headed to Detroit, MI. 

 It was really strange being in Detroit since that is where I grew up and it all was very familiar to me. I was only in Detroit about an hour where I then left for the 12 hour Tokyo flight. Five movies, twelve hours, and a whole lot of airplane food later, I landed in Tokyo. I had about two hours till my flight to Hong Kong so I explored the airport a bit.
that creepy waving cat has a candy too?!

cinderella made out of origami 
santas workshop origami
 23 hours and three plane rides later, I finally arrived back home to HPRC. Jasmin and Ivenise surprised me with a little welcome home gift. Thanks for the decorations girls (:
It is now Tuesday evening in Hong Kong, and I am not adjusting well. I go back to work tomorrow, and today I woke up at 3pm. I am so exhausted and feel really confused. Hopefully this will become normal again, but for now my heart is missing home.

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