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There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.

So....to catch up, yes, I am 100% healthy now and back on my feet, and not a moment too soon since we underwent some changes at work recently. One of these changes is now we are 7 shows everyday, and since there are only three princesses now, I typically am doing 3-4 shows everyday, which honestly can get pretty tiring. The other change (which I am sure you all have seen by now) is the new Belle entrance. Belle wanted to share her story with the audience up close and personal, and my good friend Belle was fortunate enough to get to be the one to premiere it. She said is was really scary and she was very nervous, but the audience was very welcoming and even clapped when she first came out. If you have not had the chance to check it out yet, here is the video link...

Belle also said to say thanks to all the superfans for their beautiful pictures of her show this week (especially Felix!). 

Now, back to non-work-land, we had to say goodbye to yet another friend who has been in HK with us since December, Tina. Tina is David's(jungle man) girlfriend. We had a going away ladies night for her at BLT Burger, where we also had delicious milkshakes.

 I have gotten to know Tina pretty well, so I was sad to see her go, however, lucky for me, she lives in Orlando! She has been back a few days now and already rubbing in the Publix trips and chik-fil-a visits she has had.

Speaking of USA pride!, we had a small 4th of July celebration in my room where we pigged out on hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies. We then played a game sort of like charades that my family has often played with an American twist. In a crowd of Chinese and Australians who don't know much about American history, it was pretty entertaining.

Another gathering we had this week was to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2 in 3-d and it was AMAZING. I cried. Go see it. we also met Jasmin's boyfriend that night. Yay visitors!

This past week I also reconnected with a few friends I have not been able to meet up with for a while, Ivan and Mavis! We went to Yuen Long to have Thai food and then they took me to an arcade which was kind of like a Chinese Chuck E Cheese...where everyone stared at me like I must have been lost. 
yummy thai food

at the arcade

So, some quick bullet points on some new Oriental adventures I have had here in Honkers...
 This is an egg tart, which is a very popular treat in Asia, but it kind of tastes more savory than sweet. I enjoy them warmed though. Anyways, what led me to this particular egg tart was this article... This egg tart was from Tai Cheong's Bakery that was listed and it was yummmmmy.

 In this photo, I am riding what the locals refer to as the ding ding. It is kind of like a trolley in the middle of the road if you want to get to places in central without taking the MTR (subway). It was really hot but kind of neat to experience.

Although it was not working when I was there, this picture of the roller coaster is inside Dragon Mall at Sham Shui Po. The coaster is at the top of like a 8 story mall and has a safety net below it just in case, haha. It also looked like yearssss old..
This was another place for Japanese Ramen. I really love ramen here, it is so delicious. This one consisted of noodles, corn, bean sprout, seaweed (which I did not eat.), and pork. Ho-mei! (Delicious).
Although it may not look like it, this is ice cream. It even had some bits of cheesecake in it! So good.

I know all I am posting about is food, but hey it is a big part of my life haha. This pile of goodness is from a place I have had on my bucket list for some time, Churros D' Amor. They made it all fresh and it was still warm and delicious when I got it.

Ha! This one is not about food. This is just me and Ivenise (choppa quai! -it means ugly girl. we really love each other haha) on Cinderella's carousel in the park. We have not had many park trips lately because it is SOOOOO hot and humid outside. Literally, it is like living in the rainforest here.

Choppa quai and I, along with some others went to what is called the Full Moon Party this weekend. It takes place at Pui O beach (first time at a HK beach) and there is a big bonfire, lots of music, and people from all over the world. It was a fun evening.
Beautiful lightning show

We even got to see Jordan (jungle man) spinning fire!

 So the BIGGEST news I have for this post is my new babies, Lumiere and Cogsworth! I bought turtles in Mong Kok for $15 HKD each (about $2 USD, haha). I am almost sure people buy these turtles for food.... but I kept them as pets. I am so in love with them!! They like the carpet and to play hide and seek in the curtains. 
Super overwhelmed at this "store" trying to figure out what to put in their tank 

Lumiere is an escapes artist and likes to climb out of the tank on that tree thing, so I had to cut it shorter

peek a booooo (:
And finally, 88 days of this glorious show left. Contract meetings have begun so the tension of who will be staying and who will be going home has started. It is hard for me to accept that I have limited time left here, and actually gets harder everyday. I am very thankful for this opportunity and would not trade it for the world!

Played around with brown eyes, but can't really tell...ha
The girl i am looking at is Ting. She is from Taiwan and I love her. I have helping her learn English and she taught me how to count to ten in Mandarin. 

  (chevy says hi.#HeMadeMeWriteThis)

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