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another day, another chance to sparkle.

Wow, it has only been like two weeks since my last blog post, and I have already done so much more worth writing about. 

Kicking off this post, I want to share my second junk boat experience. It was just as amazing as the first. This time, Kelsey, Aj, and I went but with most of the same group as the first boat. We went to a beach a little further away (in Sai Kung, same as last boat) that was beautiful, but there was so much trash in the water. It made me really sad, not to mention it was disgusting. Care for your oceans folks. Anyways, I still had fun. We played volleyball (except the Chinese accent often turns v's into w's so everyone called it wolleyball, which made me chuckle)on the beach, and played on the slide again, as well as lounged in some inner-tubes. My favorite part of the day was getting to go tubing though. What a blast!

tiny Kelsey and Aj
Another outdoor-sy, water-y adventure I went on was yesterday (also in Sai Kung)was waterfall jumping. Holy cow, this was so beautiful, I felt like I was back in Thailand. The only downside to this place was the 45 minute hike to get there. Flow and I made friends with a couple heading to the same place, and we all went on the journey together. Between the blaring sun, the excruciating heat, the steep uphill climbing, and the cow poop on the path.....let me just say, it was a challenge. Finally, we arrived to these beautiful rock pools and at the top a waterfall. It was amazing and totally took my breath away that this hidden treasure had been in Hong Kong all along. Getting even more exercise, we had to free range rock climb to get to the waterfall. I was really scared to jump off the cliff, but I did it and it was a total rush.

On the hike to the rock pools

After spending some time at the waterfalls, Flow and our new friends Kelsey and Fong, and I all walked about five more mintues to the beach. This beach was so beautiful and empty! There was practically no one there, which meant no trash. I also was really excited because there were lots of little crabs in the sand that I held and played with. In the water we saw some tropical fish and a sea urchin. It was a really awesome day.

Look at the little bebe crab!!!

When I am not spending time playing in the ocean (which lately is not very often), I am usually terrifying little children on the MTR(unintentionally). This video is hilarious and happened to me the other day. This little boy has this massive balloon animal thing and he skips on to the train so happy and excited, then sees me and makes a beeline to hide behind his dads leg, where he kept peeking to make sure I was still there. It is precious... (it is really short but you have to watch the whole thing)

Some of the locals who are not afraid of me though are the superfans! The superfans are the best and they always have the cutest mini fans of their own they bring along to watch our shows with.
In the top left photo, there are 3 belles in that picture! (one of the superfans names is Belle)

These superfans rock because they are some of the ones that take the awesome photos of Belle and her friends that I am able to share with you. Like these.....

This link is also a more recent version of Belle in her pink dress when she was not so nervous haha....

In Hong Kong right now, there is a really cool art exhibit called the 3-D Museum. Artists have painted these masterpieces on the walls in a way that when you are posed just right, you can interact with the art.

(my mom is totally going to yell at me for this picture...)

There was also a maze with all these lights in it, which was pretty cool

And this would not be considered a blog post if I didn't post pictures of food, right?! So first up is the amazing curly cheese fries I found at the best burger place I have had here in Hong Kong. Also they played country music which made me feel like I was back in Orlando.
Kelsey, Katie (who is a Miss Meow), and I went back to Chili and Spice at Gold Coast (where I went at the beginning of my contract) and had some delicious Thai food. It made me realize how much growing I have done here in the last year because when we went to Chili and Spice last year I had no idea what to order, let alone what half the dishes even were, and when we made it back this time I felt way more cultured. 
And finally....this week, I poured a bucket of ice water on my head for ALS, just like everyone else has. It is challenges like this though that make me see how small the world really is. There is not a country out there that has not heard of this and I think that is pretty cool actually.

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